The Human Shadow Archive

  • The Sickness of Gossip

    The Sickness of Gossip

    Gossip is a Human Sickness. Gossip is like an open-sore, pus-yellowish green, venereal disease of the mouth. It drips, spreads,...

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  • How to Heal Darkness

    How to Heal Darkness

    Moving right along with the subjects of How to Heal Emotion and How to Heal Mind, one must consider what that...

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  • How to Heal Mind

    How to Heal Mind

    Emotion and Mind are intertwined. You can neutralize any emotion with a stance of Non-Reaction. But the root of emotion...

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  • How to Heal Emotion

    How to Heal Emotion

    Emotion can drop you like a lead balloon. Mind can trap you in circles of confusion and pain. Emotion and...

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  • The Dragon and The Dove

    The Dragon and The Dove

    Within the depths of the human subconscious mind, attitudes, inner feelings, and thoughts have forms. The collective human conscious and...

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  • Summoning the Light

    Summoning the Light

    As you take to the spiritual journey and embrace your shadow, you begin to heal it. It transforms. To embrace...

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  • Calling Out the Shadow

    Calling Out the Shadow

    While people like to sit back and pretend how very special, spiritual, and celestial they are, the fact of the...

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