How to Heal Emotion

How to Heal Emotion

Emotion can drop you like a lead balloon. Mind can trap you in circles of confusion and pain. Emotion and Mind = Blocks and Binds. The Quality of Your Life is a Reflection of the Quality of Your Own Inner Feelings. I’m going to show you how to heal your emotion in a few simple steps, if you care to. This is only for those that would actually like to heal their emotion and develop a better Quality of Life.

Before you can heal emotion, you have to understand What Emotion Really Is.

Emotion is a Reaction to a Contradiction to the Rigid Opinions of the Mind. Nothing more.

Emotion is Reaction. Emotional pain is nothing more than an inner contradiction. It is the contradiction between what you want to experience and what you actually experience. You have to accept contradiction as being a natural part of the human experience. When you let go of your rigid intellectual opinions as to how you think things should be, what is there to contradict? Nothing. No conflict. No pain. All you really have to do is discipline yourself to not react to things and ditch your rigid intellectual opinions—and you can’t really even experience negative human emotions at all. And that is the simple truth.

Anger is Reaction to Loss — To heal anger, all you really have to do is determine what you lost and then either retrieve it or let it go. Letting go is usually the answer. Most anger is rooted in the loss of the control of things. Ditch your need to control everything—and you ditch your anger with everything.

Anxiety is Reaction to Uncertainty — Nothing is certain in life. Embrace uncertainty. Most anxiety is the expectancy of facing something that you don’t know the outcome to. So what? Ditch your opinion about needing to know—and you ditch your anxiety. Ditch anxiety—and you’re granted confidence. Cool.

Boredom is Reaction to Laziness — The only way to heal boredom is to do something new. Boredom is nothing more than a lack of interest in what you’re doing. You have to find interesting things in this life. You have to make things interesting in this life. Be creative. If you’re bored—then maybe you are boring.

Depression is Reaction to Failure — Depression is the inability to face external circumstances. You have to accept the circumstances in your life, before you have the power to change the circumstances of your life. You have to accept your failures as being learning experiences. Failure is dysfunction—circumstances that just aren’t working out. Depression is reaction to circumstances in your life that just aren’t working out for you—draining your energy. Accept the Situation. Rock Up. Change your Situation. Evolve.

Desire is Reaction to Lack — Desire is to wish and to want. There’s no power in it. The sense of lack creates the lack. Emotional leaning pushes things away. The moment you ditch your desire—is the very moment that you are granted the power to do. Action makes happen. Not desire. Try good hard work.

Fear is Reaction to Change — All fear is rooted in the fear of death—the fear of change. You have to accept death as being a natural part of the human experience. You have to accept change as being the natural way of things. Fear can also come from dehydration. Drink plenty of good water. The moment you accept change as being natural—is the moment you truly begin to live. It’s called a life without fear.

Frustration is Reaction to Expectation — Frustration comes from trying to force things into a deadline or timeframe. Paradise takes time. The only thing that neutralizes frustration—is patience. The moment you ditch expectancy—and simply focus on what you’re doing with clarity and concentration—is the very moment that you are actually granted the ability to function with efficiency—and time slows down.

Hate is Reaction to Prejudice — Prejudice is predetermined dislike and hostility—based on absolutely no real reason or direct experience of things. What are rigid intellectual opinions that are based on no direct experience, understanding, or wisdom called? Ignorance. You heal hate by cultivating warmth, wisdom, and understanding—and that comes from experiencing things directly for yourself. And if you don’t like what you experience—fine—but you just may find there’s more to love in this world than you think.

Resentment is Reaction to Feeling Treated Unfairly — Nothing is fair in this life. If nothing is fair in this life, then everything is fair in this life. The world is full of people that want things handed to them—for nothing. You deserve nothing more than whatever you have the power to create in this world.

The moment you realize that emotion is nothing more than a reaction to the rigid intellectual opinions of the ego—is the very moment that you can actually heal the emotion. It is simply a matter of identifying the emotion—accepting contradiction—and ditching rigid intellectual opinions. This formula works for any emotion you experience. It doesn’t matter what you have experienced. The process of healing is the same—regardless of the extremity that one experiences.

The problem with this little equation is not the equation. The equation works. The problem is that people think their emotions are real feelings. They are not. Emotions are only reactions that effect their true feelings. True feelings are vibrational sensations. The problem is that people go around and around in circles within their own minds—trapped in their rigid intellectual opinions. People have to process things, but the entire point of processing is to stop processing—to achieve an end—to reach acceptance.

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