The Tolemac

A metaphysical workshop with Khris Krepcik isn’t so much a weekend of lectures, as much as it is a mystical experience in another dimension. The Hooded Sage gatherings are a time for learning, healing, and consolidating your inner power. The spiritual journey is not a weekend retreat. It’s not a seminar. This journey is a journey of transcending illusion and ignorance to embrace life with awareness, perception, and wisdom.

Developing Discipline, Inner Power, and Perception grants you the ability to create a spiritual reality of your own and transcend the collective evolutionary path of human ego, emotion, and mind — which is often ruled by restriction and dominated by pain. As you step forward with a Way of Discipline, it silences the ego and the rigid human intellect — and brings you into a Consolidation of Power. Your energy enters into a Quickening. Once the ego and mind are out of the way, you are free to experience a more rarified awareness and perception of reality.

When we gather together as a group, energy and information downloads to us from other dimensions. These downloads are fractal codes and resonances that provide you with visions and information about your life, the world, and your spiritual journey. This merging of energies builds a new resonance. One that you will silently carry back into the world — as a Custodian of Light. It’s a mystical experience. One that changes your life.


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