Synergetic Method

Holographic Healing

Health is the synergy of physical, emotional, mental, philosophical, and spiritual aspects working together in harmony. They are all variables to the quality of your life and vibrational resonance — your etheric life force. These variables generate the quality of your condition.

Healing is the ability to change a condition. Healing is the ability to change the way you feel. The ability to change and heal is the ability to bring physical, emotional, mental, philosophical, and spiritual conditions into a self-sustaining synergy and symmetrical balance. Health and vitality are a simply a matter of vibrancy and vibrational speed — a synergy of the quality of your actions, attitudes, inner feelings, and ways. This determines the quality of your life.

Body Work
Our body work involves methods of deep muscle massage and joint alignment — bringing one’s body into a proper physical symmetry. Physical symmetry enhances the flow of one’s vital etheric life force. Any physical trauma causes emotion and mind to become blocked within the body as stored energy and memory. Body work alleviates physical conditions, while releasing blocked energy, emotion, and repressed memories at the same time. This can be a very deep experience for a person, often revealing psychological attitudes and subconscious traits that may need addressed. Body work clears emotion and mind. Body work brings your body back to life — revitalizing your energy into a vibrancy and faster vibrational speed.

Psychological Work
Emotion is nothing more than a reaction to a contradiction to a rigid intellectual opinion. Rigid intellectual opinions are nothing more than programming from the hammer of conditioning. Our work involves addressing psychological attitudes, opinions, and programming — because psychological attitudes, opinions, and programming are the very things that trap a person within conditions. If you want to change your condition — you have to change your psychology. You have to develop a psychological stance that empowers you, rather than disempowers you.

Shadow/Subconscious Work
The human shadow is nothing more than inner negativity resulting from a lifetime of conscious and subconscious programming. We engage the inner negativity of the subconscious human mind — because processing the human shadow is the fastest way to make progress. Life is a reflection of your inner feelings. Negative inner feelings generate negative outer conditions. Inner darkness eventually manifests into the physical body as disease. Transform negative inner attitudes — transform negative inner ways of thinking — and you transform your life.

Philosophical Work
Healing is a process of transformation that brings you into a deeper understanding of your existence and reality. Healing is a process of changing the behavioral patterns of your actions, attitudes, inner feelings, and inner ways of thinking. Behavior determines reality. Philosophy guides behavior. Health is to have a liberating philosophy that works — an understanding of the relation between things. Understanding can heal just about anything. Our healing methods are based on The Secret Teachings of Khris Krepcik. The Hooded Sage Course is a process of healing and transformation within itself.

Energy Work — Etheric Healing
The human energy field is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and fractal codes — a system of flowing geometries of light and information. The human etheric life force is a circuit of energy. The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your etheric life force — your energy. The quality of your energy comes down to the symmetry of your codes, the vibrancy of your light, and the quality of your own vibrational speed. Our energy work and etheric healing techniques involve clearing etheric blocks and binds, enhancing one’s vibrancy, and speeding up the vibrational rate of a person’s energy.

Khris Krepcik is one of the only people in the world that has the ability to read, repair, and rewrite fractal codes. Very few can perceive this deep multidimensional level of reality. Even fewer can actually work at this deep level. Learn More About Etheric Healing >

Khris Krepcik - Etheric Healing

Remote Healing
Khris Krepcik has a rare perception and profound understanding of human consciousness and the subtle vibrational human energy field. Krepcik has the ability to shift his perception between multidimensional levels of reality. He is one of the very few people in this world that can rotate etheric energy into another person from any physical distance — working on them from within — the Ancient Etruscan way. Learn More about Remote Healing >

Please Note: Khris Krepcik does not charge or schedule healing sessions. They are provided exclusively at certain metaphysical workshops, remotely to those who align to the energy of his teachings, or intuitively and spontaneously as guided. There is a mystical energy at work.

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