Healing is the process of changing the way you feel. Regardless of whether it’s on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level—the objective is simply to bring everything into a symmetrical balance—a return to sound health—the return to wholeness. Body, mind, and spirit are all connected. Body, mind, and spirit are all reflections of each other. Our methods of healing are holistic—enhancing vitality on all levels.

Body Work
Body work includes our methods of deep muscle massage and acupressure—aligning one’s body into a proper physical symmetry—as well as enhancing the flow of one’s vital etheric life force. Our body work is always a combination of physical, psychological, philosophical, and energy work at the same time. Any physical trauma or disease is connected to stored emotion and mind, affecting one’s energy. Any shifts in the quality of a person’s physical body release emotional and mental blocks, reflecting as shifts within the quality of their energy. Any shifts in the quality of one’s energy reflect as shifts within the quality of their physical body. Body work brings your body back to life—vitalizing your energy—vitalizing your life.

Psychological Work
Healing is the ability to change the way you feel. Nothing effects the way you feel more than emotion and mind. Our work involves identifying the psychological traits that are causing imbalances, because if a person doesn’t change their psychological attitudes, they often fall right back into their imbalance, which manifests as whatever pain they’re experiencing—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. We point out the psychological traits you need to change, to help you reach a healthier psychological stance in life.

Shadow Work
Our work involves methods of reading and engaging the inner negativity within the subconscious human mind—the human shadow. Processing the human shadow is the fastest way to make progress, because it transforms negative inner sentiments—into positive inner sentiments. This transforms darkness into light.

Philosophical Work
Healing the way you feel involves changing negative inner feelings, opinions, and psychological attitudes. The question is into what? You have to develop philosophical discipline and a sense of true human virtue. Our healing work, guidance, and philosophies are based on the Philosophical Teachings of Khris Krepcik. Krepcik’s teachings are a healing process within themselves—illuminating and transformational virtues.

Energy Work
The human energy field is a complex holographic system of flowing, rotating, and spiraling etheric tubes and geometrical energies. We call these geometries, fractal codes—energy signatures. The human body is basically a circuit of energy. Health and vitality really come down to nothing more than the symmetrical balance, vibrancy, and vibrational speed of a person’s energy. Our energy work is a process of repairing damaged fractal codes, clearing away dark energies, and speeding up the vibrational rate of a person’s energy. The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your energy—consciousness—feelings.

Krepcik and the Mystical Healers
Khris Krepcik has the ability to perceive multidimensional levels of reality and the human energy field. He is one of the very few people in this world that can rotate etheric energy into another person from any physical distance—working on them from within—the ancient Etruscan way. Over the past several years, Krepcik has trained others to develop their natural healing abilities into deep level energy work—a team that has become affectionately known as, the Mystical Healers. Their work is life-changing.

Our Healing Work is Available in the Following Ways:

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