The Course

The Course

The Hooded Sage Course is a modern mystery school—featuring the Secret Philosophical and Metaphysical Teachings of Khris Krepcik. The Course centers around a core of 99 Spiritual Disciplines—99 Energies.

Khris Krepcik
The Teachings
The Hooded Sage Course teachings are a system of philosophical disciplines and techniques—a method and system of lessons…
The Hooded Sage Answers
The Answers
The Hooded Sage Course features a member discussion board area with a searchable database of over 8,000 in-depth answers…
Course Overview
The Overview
Read a complete overview of what’s included with membership to the Hooded Sage Course…
Join the Course
Join the Course
Learn more about how to join the Hooded Sage Course…
The Testimonials
Read what the Course members actually have to say about the Hooded Sage Course…

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About the Author

Khris Krepcik Khris Krepcik is a world renowned etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with an entire lifetime of training in ancient wisdoms and mystic arts. Krepcik is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real — authentic and genuine. Read the full Khris Krepcik Bio >