The Etheric Archive

  • Spiritual Healing

    Spiritual Healing

    I spend most of my time writing, answering student’s questions on a discussion board, and working in the aluna worlds....

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  • The Solar Logos

    The Solar Logos

    The Solar Logos is a celestial force of light from a 27-dimensional universe — in other words, the Light Symbol...

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  • The Celestial Force

    The Celestial Force

    The Celestial Force is Inside of You and All Around You. It is within all things. All things are within...

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  • Souls of Light

    Souls of Light

    Your true spiritual form — your soul — is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and geometrical fractal codes...

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  • Golden Resonance

    Golden Resonance

    In Disney’s Prince of Persia - the Sands of Time, they have visual special effects that show a very good...

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  • The Fractal Cube

    The Fractal Cube

    Consciousness is not limited to the confinements of your chubby little head. Consciousness is inside of you and all around...

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  • Holographic Healing

    Holographic Healing

    The human body is holographic. We live in a holographic universe. The physical world is made solid by your mind...

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  • The Healing Vortex

    The Healing Vortex

    There is an anomaly located where we hold our ayahuasca ceremonies in Ecuador. While there in November of 2007, I...

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