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Khris Krepcik

Talking About the Force

I rarely do radio shows, but I sat down a few weeks ago for another interview with the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio. We discussed the Etheric Force that permeates all living things and binds all things together. The show is about

Khris Krepcik Healing

Spiritual Healing

I spend most of my time writing, answering student’s questions on a discussion board, and working in the aluna worlds. But the past nine months, a lot of the work has landed on the ground. We’ve been traveling around the

The Solar Logos

The Solar Logos

The Solar Logos is a celestial force of light from a 27-dimensional universe — in other words, the Light Symbol or Light Vehicle of the Celestial Force itself. The underlying nature of reality is a holographic field of fractal geometries.

The celestial force

The Celestial Force

The Celestial Force is Inside of You and All Around You. It is within all things. All things are within it. Separation from this simple truth is an illusion of the mind. Everything is connected. Everything is energy. The forward

Souls of Light

Souls of Light

Your true spiritual form — your soul — is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and geometrical fractal codes — a system of light and geometrical shapes. You are an etheric being of light. You are not just a