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The Hooded Sage Course is a method and system of philosophical disciplines, meditations, and etheric techniques — a series of lessons — developed and written by Khris Krepcik. The Course takes you through a process of healing, transformation, and expanding your consciousness.

The Hooded Sage Disciplines are not just a system of philosophical writings. The Hooded Sage Disciplines are Mystical Energies. The energies are like the strands of a rope. They are all components bound together, composing one larger overall stronger energy. The energy rises from within — through discipline. Do the Discipline — and You Develop the Energy. Develop the Energy — And You Develop Inner Power and Perception. You enter a Quickening.

The Course Lessons are delivered in a method that is meant to be followed in a specific order. One lesson is released each week. There are 55 lessons released during the first year. After the first year, members are allowed to continue, if they wish, of which there are 44 additional lessons and a series of articles unavailable to the public. The lessons are easy to read, follow, practice, and understand — yet life changing in their simplicity.

These teachings are disciplines that challenge you to move beyond concepts and step into direct experiences and practical application. It is through direct experience that one gains understanding and wisdom. Stepping forward is what sets your life in motion.

“Khris was my student for 20 years, now I’m his student, brilliant. He’s number one on the fractal codes, the Aluna pods, and the 27-D Logo… Never mind the piffle the ~New Age authors write… this man knows his stuff… world class.”

— Stuart Wilde

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