The Hooded Sage Course teachings are a system of philosophical disciplines and techniques—a method and system of lessons—developed and written by Khris Krepcik. The Course Lessons take you through a process of healing, transformation, and developing a true perception—a spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey is the process of neutralizing the ego to embrace life with perception. The spiritual journey is the process of transcending illusion and ignorance to embrace life with warmth, wisdom, and understanding. The spiritual journey is the process of transcending inner programming to follow your natural intuitive inner feelings. The Hooded Sage Course guides you through this spiritual journey of self-awareness and self-empowerment. The teachings are inspiring, refreshing, and transformational.

The Course Lessons are delivered in a method that is meant to be followed in a specific order. One lesson is released each week. There are 55 lessons released during the first year. After the first year, members are allowed to continue, if they wish, of which there are 44 lessons released during a second year. The lessons are easy to read, follow, and understand—yet life changing in their simplicity.

Read a Sample from the Hooded Sage Course Lessons:

Lesson 30
Dedication to the Sacred Way
by Khris Krepcik

These spiritual teachings are not concepts. The teachings are energies. The teachings are disciplines and virtues that challenge you to move beyond concepts and into direct experiences and practical application. It is through direct experience that one gains understanding. The lessons challenge you to step forward.

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