The Reefer Revolution

The Reefer Revolution

One of the strangest phenomena that I have ever seen is sweeping the United States — and that is the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana — The Reefer Revolution.

Although cannabis is federally illegal — seventeen states have legalized it for medical use, nineteen states, two U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) have legalized it for recreational use, and twelve additional states and one other territory have decriminalized it. It’s like the potheads are taking over the country.

Uruguay became the first country to legalize recreational use of cannabis in 2013, with Canada, Georgia, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand following soon thereafter. Another 52 countries have either decriminalized it, decriminalized it for small amounts, or have regulations that simply go unenforced. So, it’s not just a phenomenon happening in the United States. It’s happening globally.

I don’t necessarily think that marijuana should be illegal, because that’s just one more freedom taken away from people, and people should have the right to practice their own private freedoms — as long as they aren’t harming others. But when you see entire states decriminalizing and legalizing something on such a large scale — you have to question what’s really happening beneath the surface. And that’s what people cannot see.

Remember This — The System of Programming & Control seeks Total Control.

While the pot-smokers and stoners may think that they are gaining new levels of freedom from the system — it’s actually a biochemical, physiological, and psychological strategy in gaining more control over them by the system. It’s nothing as it seems. And it’s all ass-backwards from what people see or think.

The System wants people Docile & Stupefied.

What better way to control, program, and manipulate society than to have them drugged up, docile, ready to accept instructions, ready to conform, submissive, and unable to feel or think properly for themselves? They want people medicated.

Do You See?

It’s just another step towards Aldous Huxley’s prophetic novel Brave New World coming true — with the state distributing narcotics to society to create social harmony in order to gain psychological control over the population.

Marijuana impairs your attention, cognition, coordination, and judgement. Marijuana causes depression, drowsiness, and fatigue — weakening your body and mind. It can cause anxiety, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and paranoia. It can cause memory loss. And it can cause psychosis.

Although the common argument is that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes in treating conditions — its effects are short-lived. It may be used to treat conditions, but it doesn’t really heal anything. And it often makes conditions worse over the long-term.

Just like legal pharmaceuticals, the side effects of marijuana are often the same as the symptoms that it was used to treat. Strange, but true. So it can ease your anxiety, but it can give you anxiety. It can make you happy, but it can cause depression. It can mellow you out, but it increases your blood pressure and heart rate. It can enhance your focus, but impair your attention. It can enhance your concentration, but causes memory loss. It can make you peaceful, but can make you psychotic. It doesn’t make sense.

I’ve noticed people who claim to use marijuana for medicinal purposes are usually just covering up their marijuana addiction. It’s like an attempt to justify their drug abuse. You never really see them doing anything to try to change or heal their condition. They just want to get stoned. And their condition becomes their excuse to do so.

It’s true that marijuana is a natural plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years in the healing and spiritual ceremonies of the ancient Celts, Chinese, Hindus, and Scythians. I won’t refute that. But that is an entirely different subject for another time.

Recreational drug use (or abuse) and spiritual ceremonies are not the same thing.

My point is that when the System of Control starts decriminalizing and legalizing things — it’s because they are exploiting it for a darker agenda — of which is always about Control, Money, and Power. I guarantee you that it’s not about empowering the people or granting them liberation. Far from it. It’s about indoctrinating ideologies of submissiveness.

On a deeper metaphysical level — I don’t recommend using marijuana, because it tears and weakens your etheric energy field — allowing the infiltration of dark etheric entities, dark fractal codes, and the thought-forms and suggestions of others. That’s where the anxiety and paranoia come from. There are actually etheric entities and forces pushing on you — most of which come from other people.

The Reefer Revolution is coming. It’s happening. It’s being decriminalized and legalized — but just because something is being decriminalized and legalized doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you or that you should do it. In Fact, it probably means that it isn’t good for you and that you shouldn’t do it. It’s all a psychological trick of the system.

We don’t need stoners. We need Custodians of Light, Perception, and Warrior-Sages.

Whatever you do, Be Careful, Be Good, and Be Safe. Always.

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Originally Published September 2, 2022 in The Hidden Writings.

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