Remote Healing

Remote Healing

Remote Healing Work is an etheric energy work process performed from a distance. Our remote healing methods involve locating the person, reading their energy, and then working on their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels—with etheric energy. This is a clearing process of removing blocks and dark energies, and speeding up the vibrational rate of a person’s energy. Learn More About: Mystical Healing.

During the remote healing process, people often experience visions, vibrational sensations, and receive inner guidance about life and their spiritual journey. Everyone experiences the remote process differently, depending on the quality of their own sensitivity. Some people begin to sense energy shifts several days before their remote healing session. Many continue to sense energy shifts for several weeks afterward. When you align to the energy we set in motion, your energy continues developing—because energy work enhances the flow, vibrancy, and vibrational speed of your very own energy—your own etheric life force.

Please understand that the healer’s experience of this process is an entirely different experience than that of the person being healed. Our work often involves reading and engaging the inner negativity within the subconscious human mind. What we encounter varies by the person. This is a deep level energy work. As such, we expect a person to have a reverence for the depth of this type of work.

The remote healing process is all about the energy. It is about developing and improving the quality of your vital etheric life force. The remote process enhances your awareness and perception—but more than anything else—remote healing work enhances the way you feel. Healing is the process of changing the way you feel. Regardless of whether it’s on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level—the objective is to bring everything into a symmetrical balance—a return to sound health—the return to wholeness. Let the energy be the energy. Let the experience be the experience. Let the Healing Begin.

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