• The Gaia Tribes

    The Gaia Tribes

    There are Beings in the aluna spirit worlds that I call the Gaia Tribes. They have a half-animal, half-human form....
  • What Vital Skills?

    What Vital Skills?

    If you asked yourself what vital skills do you actually have, and you couldn’t come up with any — don’t...
  • The Sickness of Gossip

    The Sickness of Gossip

    Gossip is a Human Sickness. Gossip is like an open-sore, pus-yellowish green, venereal disease of the mouth. It drips, spreads,...
  • What Can You Contribute?

    What Can You Contribute?

    Imagine living in a world without electricity. No cellphones, no computers, no iPads. No texts, no emails, no communications. No...
  • Spain & Sedona Images

    Spain & Sedona Images

    I took 60 people to a Mystical Retreat in Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea, in October of 2013. We spent...
  • Khris Krepcik On Outer Limits Radio

    Khris Krepcik On Outer Limits Radio

    There’s a new radio program called, “The Outer Limits of Inner Truth”. I rarely do interviews, but a few weeks ago...
  • Mystical Retreat - Sedona

    Mystical Retreat - Sedona

    Developing Discipline, Inner Power, and Perception grants you the ability to create a spiritual reality of your own and transcend...
  • Change: The Crucial Healing Component

    Change: The Crucial Healing Component

    Healing is a process of transformation. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual — healing is the...
  • The Tolemac

    The Tolemac

    The Tolemac is a name Stuart Wilde gave to the mystical energy and dimensions of the Camelot legend from the...
  • The Secret Teachings of Khris Krepcik
    The Hooded Sage Course - The Secret Teachings of Khris Krepcik
  • Mystical Healing with Khris Krepcik
    Etheric Healing with Khris Krepcik