The Sickness of Gossip

The Sickness of Gossip

Gossip is a Human Sickness. Gossip is like an open-sore, pus-yellowish green, venereal disease of the mouth. It drips, spreads, infiltrates, infects, and poisons the energy and minds of other people. Gossip is a form of sexual dysfunction. It’s an outcropping of sexual dissatisfaction and sexual inadequacy.

Who’s to blame for your own dissatisfaction and inadequacy? You are. Slandering others is a desperate and pathetic attempt of self-justification and self-vindication — to avoid facing your own shortcomings — and to avoid losing face. It’s an ego trip. It’s a power trip. Gossip is the manifestation of the human shadow — anger, arrogance, betrayal, coldness, control, disdain, disgust, dishonesty, false entitlement, false witness, fear, greed, hate, jealousy, negativity, specialness, and spite — the very things that Loving Kindness is Not. Need I say anything more? OK. Gossip is the attempt to destroy someone else, in order to raise yourself up. Gossipers have a hidden agenda. Gossip is a Malicious Act of Viciousness. It’s evil. This is the simple truth.

Gossip is the same thing as telling lies. Gossip is the distortion and perversion of truth — because people embellish and exaggerate. Embellishments are lies to make things more entertaining and interesting than they actually are. Exaggeration is the misrepresentation of what is real. Not only do people embellish and exaggerate — they distort the truth with their own emotional dysfunction and rigid intellectual opinions.

Opinions aren’t necessarily based on any real facts, knowledge, or truth. That which is not based on fact — is fiction. That which is not based on knowledge — is ignorance. That which is not based on the truth — is false. That which is false is deceitful. Gossip is a Deceitful Illusion from Devious Minds. It’s very simple.

On an etheric energy level, people who gossip usually have a black energy surrounding their mouth and a black lizard tongue that shoots in and out of their mouth. It’s their disdain and spite for humanity. Those who listen to them too long become infested by downloads of black fractal codes and resonances. It looks like etheric turds entering their crown chakras. Plop. It’s literally etheric filth spreading disease.

But you must also be cautious of the White Shadow. Because the White Shadow is very clever at hiding their agenda and motives behind the facade of a theatrical performance — in order to gain your allegiance. The energy of it is harder to see, because the darkness of it is often hidden in layers behind their projection of perfection in catering to your ego and pacifying you, but the disease is still the same.

If you could see that you were infesting your energy and mind with a disease — would you still do it?

The Only Way to Transcend Sickness is to Become Sick of the Sickness — and Change. The Only Way to Transcend the Sickness of Gossip is to Stop Participating in the Gossiping. You don’t have to listen to it. You don’t have to believe it. And you don’t have to spread it. You have a mind of your own. Don’t you? And if you have an issue with someone — you should be mature enough to discuss it with them directly.

If you’re a target and victim of gossip — You Have to Know Your Own Truth. You know what is real from what is not real about you. You know what is true from what is not true about you. Don’t you? Teach this to your children, because they will eventually face the sickness of gossip in this world — and it can wrap them up in depression, emotional drama, and turmoil. Teach them to be good, strong, and true and to not drop themselves to the energy level of liars. Teach them to be strong enough to Know Their Own Truth. Teach them to ignore the liars and be free. Teach them to laugh.

You see, this world is full of Naysayers — Ego, Denial, Ignorance, Negativity, and Opposition. They offer neither creativity nor wisdom. They are content to accomplish nothing. They have little to no real-world, direct experience for themselves — yet they are quick to pass judgement and hold contempt for others. They have no real life of their own — so they talk about the lives of others. It sustains their ego’s illusion of self-importance to bring others down. They have nothing of any real value to contribute to this world.

If all you have to contribute to this world is the venereal disease of your mouth’s disdain, negativity, and lack of wisdom — then you don’t really have anything to contribute to this world. This is the simple truth.

You are here to bring the quality of your energy into this world. Do you bring Hate or Love? Do you bring Darkness or Light? Don’t be afraid of what people may say. You are here to experience things. Experience is what grants you understanding. Experience is the difference between those who lay in bed at the end of their days wondering what life was all about — and those who actually lived.

Know Your Own Truth. Speak the Truth. And Don’t Let the Suckers Drag You Down.

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The Hooded Sage. All Rights Reserved.

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