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Living Longer Lives

Are We Living Longer Lives?

With all the Coronavirus Nonsense and The Insanity of The Mass BioTechnology Injection Initiative — if you are one of The Last of the Un-Vaccinated Dissidents — you are going to come across all kinds of contradiction and opposition —

Past Life Experiences

Understanding Past Lives

Past life experiences are one of those things that always seem to fascinate people. People want to know Who They Are and Where They Came From. It’s a natural tendency of the human mind to want to know such things.

What People Want

What People Want

One day, I was walking through the grocery store. I had just finished writing the first 55 Lessons of the Hooded Sage Course, and so it was like that feeling that you get, when you feel like you have actually


Relationships III

Relationships are simple. What makes relationships so hard? People make their own relationships hard. The ego and the rigid intellectual opinions of the mind make relationships hard — nothing more. What’s so hard about being kind? What’s so hard about


Relationships II

Once you realize that the quality of your relationships comes down to the quality in the way you handle yourself—you can relate to just about anybody. The ability to relate to someone is nothing more than the ability to care