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Spirit Horse

More on the Spiritual Evolution of Animals

By Stuart Wilde — My ol’ teacher said that animals exist in a group soul of their species, but when a human befriends an animal, the love that flows allows the animal to exit the group soul of its kind, and

Spirit Worlds

The Spirit Worlds

If you think of spirits as being the souls of dead humans floating around, then the spirit worlds may seem a bit daunting to you. Those beings do exist, but they are only one small part of a larger whole.

Cubes of 9D

The Cubes of 9D

My recent visions have been showing complex combinations of etheric cubes, and how the cubes align with each other to form different resonances or different vibrational energy signatures. The cubes come in from different angles, and then rotate (move) into

Ayahuasca Worlds

The Ayahuasca Worlds

The Native Tribes of the Amazon have a sacred healing medicine known as ayahuasca. I first read about it twenty years ago in Michael Harner’s book, the Way of the Shaman, but not having access to the exotic plants at the