How to Heal Darkness

How to Heal Darkness

Moving right along with the subjects of How to Heal Emotion and How to Heal Mind, one must consider what that really means on an energy level. What does healing body, mind, and spirit really mean—if it does not mean to heal one’s darkness? Whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual darkness—darkness is darkness. It’s all connected. Everything is a Feeling. Everything is Energy.

The biggest problem with clearing and healing darkness is that most people can’t see energy and the ego doesn’t like contradiction. The ego will justify its own darkness, because the ego will justify its own emotion and mind—its reactions and opinions—its illusions. To justify human darkness is to justify the human shadow. There’s not much you can do for somebody that justifies their human shadow, because they actually like it. One has to acknowledge darkness as being darkness, before they can transform the darkness. One has to acknowledge sickness as being sickness, before they can heal the sickness. The moment you become sick of sickness is the very moment that you can actually heal sickness.

If people could see energy and etheric entities, they’d change their ways double quick pronto. Or, I’d like to hope that they would. But as I’ve mentioned before—you don’t necessarily have to see the energy—to feel the energy. So, you don’t necessarily have to see the energy—to heal the energy. Healing is a feeling. And you certainly don’t have to see the energy—to understand all this stuff. Darkness is the wicked twin to negative inner sentiments—negative attitudes, inner feelings, and rigid intellectual opinions.

Darkness is basically the degradation of the inner human spirit—falling into the negativity of the rigid human intellect. Darkness is degradation—the act of degrading. Degrading is to cause a loss of self-respect. To degrade is to regard with disrespect. To degrade is to lower the quality of something. To degrade is to deteriorate. Degrading is draining—losing energy. Degradation is a downward spiral.

How Does One Heal Darkness? By developing respect. You have to respect yourself. You have to respect others. You have to respect things in life. You have to appreciate things in life. You have to nurture things in life. Keep your home clean and organized. Never degrade another person. Never degrade the feminine spirit. Never degrade the masculine spirit. Develop a proper Reverence. This raises your energy.

How Does One Heal Darkness? By developing positive inner sentiments. You have to transform negative attitudes and inner feelings into positive attitudes and inner feelings. You have to ditch the cold and rigid intellectual opinions of the mind in exchange for Openness and the Warmth of a Heart That’s True.

What does it mean to heal darkness? It means healing emotion and mind to develop your energy.

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