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The Hooded Sage Course includes a members-only Question & Answers discussion board, where you can post questions directly to Khris Krepcik. The discussion board is a searchable database of over 10,000 in-depth answers. It is a fast moving flow of information that covers things on a daily basis.

With a vast amount of information already within the Hooded Sage database, many people discover answers to their personal questions, without ever needing to post questions of their own. But you are encouraged to feel free to ask whatever you may wish.

The discussion board contains a massive collection of content — unlike anything else ever made available. If you’re looking for real answers beyond society’s dogma, doctrine, and theory — Krepcik explains things from direct experience, perception, and understanding of the subtle vibrational etheric field, spirit worlds, and multidimensional nature of reality.

The Hooded Sage Course has members from over 25 different countries and from every walk of life. Every member of the Course is granted total and complete anonymity, as it should be.

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