Change: The Crucial Healing Component

Change: The Healing Component

Healing is a process of transformation. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual — healing is the process of changing the way you feel — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These things are all connected in a symbiotic circle composing the overall whole of who you are, what you are, and how you feel. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual synergy determines the quality of your health — and therefore your life. These things are either working together in harmony — or they aren’t. You either bring these things into harmony — or you don’t. It’s very simple. Healing is the ability to bring yourself into a more vibrant feeling. Healing is the Ability to Change.

The only real question is whether or not you can make the proper changes and maintain the feeling.

Any given condition is the result of variables. You have to look at the variables in your life to determine what to change and what not to change in your life. What are the variables in your life? What variables are enhancing the quality of your life? What variables are degrading the quality of your life? What variables can you change? Are you even willing to change? Are you sure?

This may sound strange, but not everyone is willing to change their condition. Some people want the healing, but they don’t necessarily want healed. Some people want the treatment — not the cure. Some don’t even seek healing for conditions that require it. Why is that? Some just want attention. Some become emotionally attached to their condition and allow it to define who they are. Some use their condition to make themselves feel special and want to be treated special because of their condition. Some push the blame on everything external from themselves, and never accept responsibility for themselves. Some just don’t believe they can change. And some just don’t want to give up the disability check. Strange, but true.

We live in an over-medicated society, where treatment numbs the condition and pacifies the mind — but it doesn’t necessarily heal the condition itself. It perpetuates the problem — and that’s a problem.

If You Seriously Want to Heal — You Seriously Have to Change. You Have to Commit.

I know of an old man who was diagnosed with cancer and told that he was going to die within a few years. He didn’t agree with that verdict, decided that he wasn’t done in this life, and determined to change his lifestyle by going to a strict regiment of an all fruit diet. His cancer totally disappeared.

I know of a woman who was diagnosed with a systemic autoimmune disease and told that she had three to five years to live — and 15 to 20 years later — she’s still alive and kicking. The doctors can’t explain why she’s still alive. She hasn’t exactly healed her condition, but at least she ditched the verdict and determined to keep herself alive by keeping herself busy living and working. It defies human logic.

I know a guy that got rid of kidney stones by drinking a glass of olive oil. I know a girl who got rid of warts by applying fresh lemon juice to them daily. I know of a kid that got rid of a brain tumor with visualization. I know of serious diseases going into remission or completely disappearing, that doctors can’t explain. I’ve seen entities purged into a bucket. I’ve heard of diagnosed schizophrenia being healed with daily doses of vitamin B6. You can cure athlete’s foot with tea tree oil and clean socks. You can align your own spine with deep breathing techniques. I’ve seen chronic pain and mental disorders mysteriously disappear with the touch of a hand. And I’ve also seen some things reappear with a vengeance. It’s a sad fact of this reality.

There are endless cases of healing successes. And there are endless cases of healing failures.

But what was the crucial component between the successes and failures? What was the healing ingredient? What was that one thing that made the difference? Was it that any condition was any more severe than any other condition of the same condition? Was it that any condition was any more special than any other condition of the same condition? Was it karma? Was it fate? No. It was the Dedication, Determination, Devotion, and Tenacity of Spirit to Change. It was the Ability to Do Something Different.

Most of this comes down to changing one’s lifestyle — your ways. Old behavioral patterns, habits, and routines are what manifest conditions. If you never do anything different — you’ll never receive anything different. And it’s not just a physical thing. Change requires a combination of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discipline. They have to be in harmony with each other to generate the proper outcome. And once you make the proper changes, you also have to be able to maintain the feeling and not fall back into the old habits, patterns, and routines. More than anything, healing comes down to changing the negative inner attitudes, feelings, and ways of thinking — because Nothing is Impossible, When You Believe.

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