The Tolemac

The Tolemac

The Tolemac is a name Stuart Wilde gave to the mystical energy and dimensions of the Camelot legend from the Celtic Myth. The Merlin and Camelot energy is an energy moving backwards in time, so Stuart simply spelled Camelot backwards. The Camelot energy still exists in our modern world as dimensional overlays in certain physical locations — the Scattered Camelot Anomalies. There are over six hundred of these anomalies around the world. Stuart knew of about sixty of them, and he took me to about forty of them. We found a few together, and I came across a few myself. We visited them often on our travels.

The anomalies are essentially the new sacred sites of the world, which are normally hidden and unknown, but with a little etheric perception, they can be seen and sensed. They appear in many different ways. Sometimes there are holographic archways of flowers or archways of mist that lead into them through a corridor. Sometimes they appear as dry rain or vertical watery walls that look like the ripples of raindrops on a clear smooth lake. Even if you can’t see them, they can be sensed as a change in your inner feelings and their temperature. When the surrounding area is cool, the anomalies feel warmer. If the surrounding area is hot, the anomalies will often feel cooler, like refreshing and revitalizing. But one thing that they all have in common is that they cause a shift in one’s consciousness, like an expanded awareness and perception of energy and other dimensions, and their information downloads to you through visions.

The secret to aligning to the anomalies is in understanding that they are essentially inside of you. You have to have the same vibrational resonance as they do, and you have to have a deep reverence for the spirituality of nature. As you drop the illusions of ego, emotion, and mind and develop the quality of your consciousness, you potentially become your own doorway to another world — through an open heart.

The Tolemac is an energy on the other side of the doorway. The energy is a golden resonance of light composed of 33 energies intertwined like the strands of a rope creating one total and complete energy. It’s basically a spiraling portal that allows humans to transcend the collective emotion and mind of the human experience and enter into the higher consciousness of a spiritual evolution. The energy is there to assist people in creating a consolidation of power, bringing them into the energy of the Initiate, which is like walking in a state of transcendence. But you have to work for it. The energy doesn’t just come and get you. You have to reach for it by developing discipline, inner power, and perception. Then, you have to expand your subtle etheric feelings into those dimensions and align to the vibration of what it is.

The 33 energies enter into this world from another dimension. In the same way that energy flows into this world, energy also flows into the other direction. Beyond the energy of the Initiate, the 33 energies expand and replicate themselves into a deeper level of 99 energies that consolidate into the one overall total and complete energy. There is a fractal nature to the structure of it. The energy becomes a portal between the physical and multidimensional worlds. Each energy is a vital component to the overall whole.

But the human mind doesn’t really understand the energy. It’s beyond the mind. Energy is a vibrational feeling. You align to the energy by becoming the same vibrational feeling as it is. It’s like tuning yourself to the same frequency. The quality of your vibrational resonance is determined by the quality of your own attitudes, inner feelings, and ways. So the Camelot energy is also a code of inner virtues. When you align to the energy and the code, you essentially become an anomaly outside the collective human evolution. You step beyond human emotion and mind, and into a more rarefied etheric perception.

In 2008, Stuart Wilde asked me to write out my perceptions and philosophy into a system of teachings to help others understand the energies and the process of aligning to them. Our teachings are based on the same lineage of ancient Daoist philosophies and the direct experience of these mystical energies and dimensions. The Tolemac Teachings are the 99 Energies and Philosophical Disciplines that take a person through a process of transformation. The teachings embody the Warrior’s Wisdom into one total and complete philosophical method taught through The Hooded Sage Course.

Just to make things clear, the Tolemac is not a club. It’s not a cult. It’s not a group. It’s not a brand. It’s not a product. It’s not a business. And it’s not an organization. The Tolemac is a Sacred Energy. The Tolemac is a Philosophical Honor Code. The Tolemac is a Way of Life. It’s something that you embrace within your heart. It’s a silent thing. It’s a hidden thing. It’s an inner feeling. The Tolemac is a sideways evolutionary direction from the evolutionary direction of the ego and the rigid human intellect.

Stuart Wilde - The Tolemac is That Way


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