Khris Krepcik On Outer Limits Radio

Khris Krepcik On the Radio

There’s a new radio program called, “The Outer Limits of Inner Truth”. I rarely do interviews, but a few weeks ago I agreed to sit down and answer questions for about an hour. At the end of the interview, there’s additional commentary by the clairvoyant visionary Kerrie O’Connor, astrologer Constance Stellas, and psychic mediums Laura Lyn and Lisa Caza. I’m not necessarily validating everything mentioned in the commentary, but it’s a bit interesting, and thought you might like to listen.

To Listen to the radio show interview & commentary, please click: Khris Krepcik on Outer Limits Radio

If you’d like to listen to the original full interview, it’s about 48 minutes long.

To Listen to the full interview, please click: Rare Interview with Khris Krepcik

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