The Old Norse god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, as well as hallowing, healing, and fertility—Thor is a perfect example of how the Mystical Healer and the Mystic Warrior are actually one and the very same thing. The deepest levels of Mystical Healing involve fighting the dark energies and etheric entities within whatever worlds the person being healed is linked to. There have been times when we’ve worked on someone for only a few minutes, and then end up fighting their dark energies for weeks, sometimes months. The reality of this is beyond what people know.

While Thor is often depicted as being arrogant and rash—sometimes when you can see what no one else can see—you have to do what no one else can do—or even would do. Whether or not someone else even understands it—their lack of perception is their lack of perception—Not Yours. And this is the very way in which one’s etheric awareness and perception can actually keep others safe. This is the very same thing as stopping a blind person from stepping into a street of oncoming traffic. Their ego may take immediate offense to the grip of your hands, but in the end, the immediate grip of your hands actually saves them from getting ran over by an oncoming truck. Splat. The sad part is that when they cannot see what you are protecting them from, they will often attack you anyway. These are the sacrifices that we all make. These are the hits that we all take. All in the name of Loving Kindness.

You should never infringe on another person’s journey, but there is a difference between infringement and common decency. Knowing when to act and when not to act is a matter of perception and loving kindness. Knowing what to do and what not to do is a matter of warmth, wisdom, and understanding.

Because the system of programming and control and the routine of tick tock are designed to lock you in place, there are times when you have to shatter your own patterns. You have to summon the courage to ditch the program and follow your intuitive inner feelings. You can call it self-motivation, if you want to, but it’s more along the lines of self-preservation. Awareness and perception determine your reality. Your focus determines your reality. The quality of your actions determine the quality of your reality. Life. And eventually, the system of routine wears you down and drains you of all your energy—until the moment that you chuck the program and determine to live again. You have to nurture your own life force.

You have to understand that the world we live in is a system based on ego, illusion, and simulation. The system is the very people of which it is composed. Most of the people in this system are not ready to be unplugged. Most of them do not even want to be unplugged. Many of them are too far gone to unplug. What holds people within the system? People hold people within the system. How? Influencing each other with emotion—rigid intellectual opinions—behavioral patterns—beliefs—social customs—programming. When you perceive your life direction, you have to be strong enough to follow it and go your own way.

Never Sacrifice the Power of Your Own Perception—Always Be Open Enough to Hear the Voice of Reason.

Thor is the Mystical Energy of Quest. Quest has little to do with adventure seeking. Quest is the power to step beyond the invisible fields of emotion and mind—programming and control—the dim routine—to live within the power of your own perception—to do what you intuitively know is right. The adventure is only an adventure, because the mundane monotonous system of routine is no adventure. You don’t have to seek adventure to find it. Adventure finds you—the moment you ditch the routine. All you have to do is be able to rock up and handle whatever life experiences and situations you may find yourself in.

Thor is the Ferocity of Spirit. The Ferocity of Spirit has nothing to do with seeking battles. The Ferocity of Spirit is the heartfelt and powerful intensity of your energy directed toward your intention. To change the behavioral patterns of routine and to escape the system of programming and control—you have to have a bit of fierceness within your attitude. Do you know what changes, when you’re too passive?


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