The Aluna Self

The Aluna Self

The etheric energy of a person is a subtle, bio-photonic glow that surrounds their physical body. With a little training, you can learn to see it. It appears as simple as a subtle vibrational glow. With a little closer inspection, you find the etheric body is a slightly larger mirror image of the person. The etheric body of a person is the exact same thing as their higher self, or what we’ve come to call the Aluna Self.

Essentially, the etheric body, subtle body, doppleganger, mirror world double, higher self, astral body, and aluna self—whatever you want to call it—are all one and the same thing. There is no real difference. We don’t like using higher self, as there’s really nothing higher about it. Faster Vibrational Self would be more accurate, but that’s a mouthful. We started using the term ‘aluna self’, simply because ‘aluna’ is just another term for ‘mirror world’, and it doesn’t have the same misconceptions as the older terms.

What you call it is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the aluna self is a reflection of a person’s true inner feelings. It is the real person. When I look at people, I see both their physical body and their aluna self at the same time. The ego is a false projection of self, like a mask that people present themselves with. The real person is all in their inner feelings. People are energy. Energy that you can feel and see.

The idea that your higher self is off in some other spirit world dimension isn’t accurate. It’s right here and now. It’s just outside the normal human spectral range, like at a different vibrational frequency. The higher self does function in other worlds, but it is also you, within you, and all around you at the same time. Separation is an illusion of the mind. You’re not as solid as you think. You are energy.

The aluna self reflects the immediate inner feelings of a person. It reflects their light. It reflects their darkness. It can change in an instant. The etheric is wicked quick, like the flash of lightening. When a person is calm within, their aluna self reflects their calmness. The moment they experience emotional reaction or mental turbulence, their aluna self reflects whatever they’re experiencing.

I’ve used stock photos of a woman to try to show what the aluna self looks like. The first image is similar to when a person’s inner feelings are in tune with their outer expressions. The aluna self appears as a subtle glow, as a slightly larger image of a person superimposed upon themselves. The second image shows how the aluna self appears, when the person’s inner feelings are not in tune with their outer expression. It still appears as a slightly larger version of a person superimposed upon themselves, but moves and shifts in expressions that reflect their true inner feelings.

Aluna Self Calm

Aluna Self Calm

Aluna Self

Aluna Self – Crazy

These images are a very basic representation. The reality of it is far more interesting. The aluna self of a human only looks human between the 3d physical world to about a 9-dimensional level. It also contains endless combinations of colors, images, and geometric shapes, like that shown in the fractal logo. When a person is projecting emotion or mind, even if their outer appearance seems calm, their aluna self is spewing out all sorts of etheric artifacts and toxic etheric sludge. Strange, but true.

When you look at people, look at them with a soft eye. Look slightly off to their side, while concentrating on their physical form. Notice what flashes in the space between. Notice what you sense and feel.

All you ever really are is the quality of energy that you bring into this world. All you ever really have is the quality of your own perception. Ditch emotion. Ditch mind. Develop your energy. Develop perception. Perception determines your reality. Perception transcends illusion and ignorance.

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