The Mental Fields

The Mental Fields

People think their thoughts are their own, but that’s not quite the case. The fact of the matter is that we live in a holographic universe, and humanity is connected via an etheric web of energy. Solidity isn’t as solid as people think. Just a few clicks outside your normal perceptual range, and you can actually see thought forms pass between people. On a multidimensional level, humans are nothing but etheric tubes of flowing energy. When humans come in contact with each other, those etheric tubes latch on to other people, and energy is transferred from one person to another. It’s a collective holographic grid.

The harsh reality of it all is that humanity harbors tons of unprocessed negative inner sentiments. They hide behind the smile of the white shadow, while harboring dark inner feelings. The surface of things is never what it seems. That’s not a judgement of people, it’s simply an observation of the way things are on an energy level. If you observe someone expressing anger physically, it’s not a judgement of yours to call their anger for what it is. Is it? No, it is not. It’s an observation of a condition. It simply is what it is. When you observe things on an energy level, it’s no different. It’s simply discerning what you sense.

The holographic fields of humanity are the invisible fields of programming and control—the holographic fields of emotion and mind—the collective conscious and collective unconscious. It’s all the same thing, they are all intertwined on an energy level. The fields are a very complex system formed by the etheric energy fields of humans. The fields are ruled by conscious and subconscious programming.

There is no way to evolve spiritually, without stepping away from the collective programming.

Have you ever woke up feeling bright and chipper and then went out and about, only to come home a few hours later feeling completely drained and wiped out? Why? What caused that? Was it the exercise? Was it the weather? Was it smelling the fresh air and feeling the sunshine on your face? No, it wasn’t.

Have you ever experienced a physical pain in your body for no apparent reason? Have you ever had a thought enter into your mind that you just can’t believe you would ever even conceive of yourself? Do you ever itch with no explanation as to why? Have you ever encountered someone and instantly felt nausea and sick? Have you ever encountered someone and instantly felt slimy or your skin crawl?

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, flipping through 500 channels of crap, but never finding anything to watch? I know exactly how you feel. What you feel, you can’t quite explain. You know it, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. Something just isn’t quite right in this world.

The simple fact of the matter is that humanity exists within a holographic field of control. People are constantly bombarded by the dark resonances of emotion and mind that are flying through the invisible holographic fields. It doesn’t matter if you see it or not. You feel it. You know it. You know how your own emotion and thoughts effect the way you feel. You know how the thoughts and emotions of others can drag you down or cheer you up. But you may not fully understand it.

The core of your being is an etheric force of light—a vibrational energy. The nature of your energy is to flow, expand, and evolve through the experiencing and the understanding of things. It is a force of liberation. It is a feeling. It is a force of light. It is your inner spirit. The nature of your inner spirit is to be free to feel and to shine. It has nothing to do with projecting ego—the false and programmed sense of self. It has to do with radiating the purity of your etheric life force—your multidimensional infinite self.

Any degradation in your inner feelings is the degradation of your etheric energy. Any degradation of your etheric energy is the degradation of your inner feelings. They are reflections of each other. The invisible fields of programming and control are the forces of restriction. The field is sustained by feeding on the energy of those within it. The dark resonances of emotion and mind flying through the fields degrade the quality of your vibrational resonance and inner light. Humans are all connected via the etheric web.

That is why you can experience thoughts that aren’t even yours. That is why you can feel drained for no apparent reason. That is why you can feel pain, itch, or feel sick with no clear explanation as to why. You are caught in the cosmic battle between the forces of liberation and the forces of restriction.

Disciplining your mind is vital. There is no room for rigid opinion. Rigid opinion is the very thing that traps people within the collective holographic fields. Beyond that, the rigidity of the human mind forms false scenarios, delusions, and distortions within human perception, because the mind is nothing more than the translator of energies that are beyond its perception. It tries to make sense of that which it cannot see. In trying to make sense of things, it fills in the gaps with assumptions and conclusions—regardless of whether or not they are accurate. To step beyond the mental fields, you have to expand your consciousness. Free your mind. Develop your energy. Anything else is living in a state of self denial.

Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. Have the courage to step beyond it.

When you’re ready, let’s evolve, shall we?

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