Summoning the Light

Summoning the Light

As you take to the spiritual journey and embrace your shadow, you begin to heal it. It transforms. To embrace the shadow simply means to accept it, rather than run from it in denial. There is no healing without first accepting things for what they are. The human subconscious is a very complex thing, and it gives form to endless manifestations of its own inner sentiments on a holographic level. Most people are bombarded by forms of their own inner darkness. So, as you accept your shadow traits, it becomes a protection for you in the sense that you develop the understanding as to why it exists and what causes it to be. It shows you things about yourself. It shows you what to work on to transform within yourself. It is the process of changing your inner sentiments into something strong and supportive to your life.

Healing and developing perception on an energy level is a process of first removing dark energies and energy blocks, and then aligning to light energies and developing the proper flow of your energy. It is the process of removing slower vibrational energies in exchange for faster vibrational energies. As you purify yourself of dark resonances and negative inner sentiments, as you neutralize the destructive force of ego and the coldness of the intellectual mind, your energy speeds up to faster vibrational levels. You begin to generate light and heat. It’s not that you begin to generate light or heat, it’s that you have removed the darkness that has blocked your natural light and heat from shining. Remove the blocks, and you naturally begin to heal and radiate a celestial warmth. You begin to shine.

At the very core of your being is a fractal logo of light and information. You are a spark of the celestial force. That spark is either degrading into darkness or expanding into light. Every person has their own darkness, and every person has darkness imposed on them from the programming of the system and the world around them. But every person also has the ability to work with developing the quality of their inner spiritual logo. In order to heal and develop true perception, you have to decide to make your logo into something pure. That takes discipline. You have to develop the light within. When your inner logo is radiant and strong, then you are radiant and strong. What develops from that inner light is limitless. It is the quality of energy that you bring into this world.

Processing your shadow is the fastest way to evolve. You have to look at it, if you want to make any real progress. You have to work to transform it. But to linger too long in your shadow aspects can take you into a downward spiral. You don’t want to constantly go in circles with your emotional and mental imbalances. You want to look at them, understand them, process them, and then move beyond them.

Look at your shadow traits. Seek out the depths of your inner darkness. Accept it. You have to own your own stuff. It is yours. Process it. Heal it. Transform it. The inner worlds of human shadow are deeper and darker than people can even possibly imagine, but they have to be looked at and accepted in order to be healed and transformed. Ignoring it does nothing for you. Denial stagnates spiritual growth. Look at your darkness. As you move through it and process it, there is an unfolding process that reveals your true inner light. That light grants you perception and celestial information from another world.

In the etheric healing work we do, we enter the aluna spirit worlds to engage a person’s darkness. We work with removing dark holographic bands of energy that block their vision. We take on dark entities that may be interfering with their energy field. It’s not for everyone. But we don’t really fit into the normal tick tock world anyway, so we have to find ways to entertain ourselves with this mystical stuff. People are often shocked by what we find and encounter in their energy fields. They don’t always believe it. It’s not for us to convince anyone. It’s beyond the mind. We see what we see. We do what we do. We encounter a person’s darkness, so that they can experience more light. It speeds up their vibrational rate. It helps them develop perception. They often develop new levels of visionary and healing abilities.

Summon the light within. It will protect you. It will guide you. Develop it. It saves you in the end.

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