Calling Out the Shadow

Calling Out the Shadow

While people like to sit back and pretend how very special, spiritual, and celestial they are, the fact of the matter is quite different. On an energy level, a person’s etheric body is a direct reflection of their true inner sentiments. It reveals their true motives and agendas. The etheric body is an energy that emanates from a person, but it is also a mirror world double of the person. We call it the aluna self. It is a person’s inner self. It doesn’t matter how much they pretend on the surface, their energy reveals the truth.

Humility is the only true sign of sanity.

Much of the work we do involves neutralizing the destructive force of the ego and processing the human shadow. We have certain disciplines that we follow, a certain code. The ego is the false perception of self. It isn’t the real you. It’s the result of a lifetime of programming. You are not your ego, you have an ego. Most people project themselves through the fake ego personality, while their etheric energy is dominated by and projecting their shadow aspects. It’s actually quite bizarre to observe. People have never properly processed their emotional and mental imbalances. Dark energies block and bind the flow of their energy. It hinders their spiritual evolution. It blinds them from truly being able to see and understand things.

I have a great compassion for the human experience. And I understand how a system of programming and control has formed their traits. People have been lied to their entire lives. But I also see how they’ve been given every opportunity to change. If they really wanted to, they would.

Most people like their dark aspects. They like their dark sentiments. They like their sexual perversions, predatory behaviors, emotional dramas, intellectual superiority, arrogance, specialness, spiritual elitism, greed, control trips, power trips, manipulating ways… and whatever else the case may be. They love it. Not in a way that heals it, but in a way that perpetuates it.

I have this natural inability to please people. I simply can’t do it… tee, hee, hee.

But catering to a person’s ego does little to improve their conditions. It perpetuates their dysfunction. At our workshops, we only have a few short days to help someone. It’s a very transformational experience, but it’s because our methods don’t cater to the ego. We’ll look you right in the eye, direct and concise, and tell you what we see. The information is the information.

People will often confuse what we do with “ego-bashing”. But that isn’t a very accurate understanding of it. It’s just their egos trying to justify themselves, avoid things, and push blame elsewhere. Ego-bashing is when someone puts you down, in order to lift themselves up. They attack your ego, in order to boost their own. It has nothing to do with helping you understand anything about your spiritual journey. There is no sincerity and care for you in it. It is merely a power trip for them, to degrade your energy and feed theirs. It is eating your life force in a very real sense—it’s totally vampiric. That’s not what we do.

We’ve come to call what we do, “Calling Out the Shadow”, because that’s exactly what it does. The ego does flip out a bit, and the shadow comes forth. It’s a form of exorcism, and the demon is you. But it’s done with a compassion and proper care for your soul. It’s not done to degrade you. It’s not a game, although we try to make it fun sometimes to keep from getting too serious. There’s nothing fun about it from our point of view. It’s actually a bit dangerous, as working with people’s shadows can be. It really has nothing to do with confronting your ego, and everything to do with going beneath it. It’s reading and working with things on a deeper level. The information is the information. It’s meant to help you. If you use the information and apply it, it’s transformational. If you run from it, what good does that do?

Quit pretending that you know. You think you know, but it goes way beyond whatever concepts you may have about it. Quit pretending you’re so special, spiritual, and celestial. Your etheric body is a direct reflection of every little dark feeling that you harbor within. To make any real progress on your spiritual journey, you have to process your shadow. You have to neutralize the destructive force of your ego. Anything else is living in a state of self denial. Take to the journey.

The vibrational rate of this planet is speeding up. It will force the global shadow of humanity to surface, en masse. It has to. As a person’s vibrational rate speeds up, it shakes loose all of their unprocessed stuff. It comes to the surface. Their shadows come forth. As the vibrational rate of the planet speeds up, the vibrational rate of its people will speed up. The ones that haven’t processed their shadows will become their shadows. It’s already happening. Look around you.

We prefer to process our stuff and wipe it out, before it processes us and wipes us out…

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