The Healing Waters of Sulis

Healing Waters of Sulis

There is a healing energy that exists in the thermal spring waters of Bath, England. When I first heard about it, I questioned it a bit, but was open to the idea of it. I like things that can be shown to me, something I can experience and use, rather than concepts that people just talk about. After running on a few Aluna jobs across Spain in 2008, my ‘ol teacher took me and a friend to the Sacred Springs in Bath to heal, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The etheric energy field around a person’s body is normally a whispy white or light bluish color. But as we sat in the thermal springs, I could see the etheric around my body transform into deep and radiant purple, blue and gold. Gold came in first, then transformed into blue, and then purple. The energy moved to the others, to where we were all three glowing in different colors. After awhile, the energy started to shift and merge to where one color would be on one side of the body, and another color would be on the other side. I’ve created the digital animation below to illustrate what it looked like.

The Healing Energies of Purple, Blue, and Gold

We’ve seen these energies of Purple, Blue and Gold many times before, as they are the same celestial energies that are linked to the Tolemac Order and the work we do. They seem very sacred and exist in a 26-dimensional world as what we call the Circuitous Light Beings. Those energies are connected to people here in the physical plane.

The healing energy was definitely in the waters, as we could see it working. The water has this feeling as if it compresses your body. As you breathe into it, exhale and relax, it releases old energy blocks. Then new energies flow into a person’s energy field, making their resonance stronger. We took a group of people there again in April of 2009 for healing, and they could see the colors of the etheric at work. They also experienced celestial visions and downloads of energy.

The thermal mineral springs in Bath were a sacred site of the ancient Celts associated to the goddess Sulis. As the Romans moved into the area, they identified Sulis with their own Minerva and constructed temples and baths in the name of the Goddess Sulis Minerva. We simply call the springs Agua Sulis or the Healings Waters of Sulis.

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