Grace and the Seven Seals

Lady of the Lake

In January of last year, as I was doing a nature prayer, the aluna selves of certain people I know came in, one after the other from 90 degrees right. They stepped in and walked to the left, forming a large circle. Beneath the circle, there was a seal that we were all standing on. It was like a large fractal disk floating and rotating in hyperspace. Then, beneath the top seal, there were six more seals. So, seven disks or seals all lined up above each other, but with distance between them. They were translucent, but also had very ornate designs to them, each one unique from the others.

At the center of the seals, a beam of light formed that connected all of them together. So, it was a white beam that was at the center of each disk, passing through each one. It went up and down as far as I could see.

At the center of the top disk, in the beam of light, the triangle appeared and began rotating quickly into different complex geometric shapes. It was like white lines of energy in motion.

Then a very tall, thin and graceful Luminous Feminine Being appeared in the center of the light beam. She had long white robes with a hood. I wondered which of the Lake Beings she was, and then a long blonde braid of hair was shown on her left side, indicating that it was a being I know that I call Lady Grace. Then it turned to more of a glowing white color and just kind of merged back into her robes. Then, spinning flowers seemed to emanate out of her energy field.

I asked if she could please show me her wisdom, and then my eyelids started pulsing with white flashes of light. The pulses were about the speed of theta, so between 4 to 7 cycles per second. The pulses went on, while many other things were shown, and then the visions ended.

It was very interesting, because I’ve seen these seven seals with the light beam at the center many times over the past three years. Each translucent seal seems associated to certain people I know, like an aspect of their spiritual identity. The light beam seems to be a certain portal that other dimensional beings use to enter our world, as we’ve seen the various ancient gods, feminine angelic beings, and the half human, half animal beings all come out of it at one time or another.

Then just recently in February of this year, I saw the shimmering door as a pulsing grid of silvery white energy. A door opened up, and then another, and I passed through each of them. Beyond the doors was another translucent seal hovering in hyperspace with intricate white fractal etchings. Along its edges, the other seals were all standing on edge, like large disks forming a wall around the center seal. Then Vishnu came in, massive in size, larger than all of the seals. He was laying on his side, just looking down into the seals with a smile on his face.

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