Sulis Menrva

Sulis Menrva

There is a place I’ve gone to for many years by a river to meditate and align to nature. The flow of the water is soothing to the inner spirit, and the trees filter out any emotional disruption that one might have. I listen to the language of the birds, as they chirp and call to each other. In my visions there, the Raven, Hawk, Hummingbird and White Owl would often come in and show me things about my life journey and the inner worlds.

One day, many years ago, I had reached a crossroads in my life. I went to my sacred place in nature, laid down on top of a small hill near the river and closed my eyes. I had no motive and just let go, surrendering. Deeper and deeper, I went. Everything eventually became a brilliant white light that pulsed at a theta rate of about four to seven cycles per second. Having trained in theta brainwave states for years, I was familiar with the feeling.

The pulse went on for some time, until it reached a point where I could no longer sense the physical world around me. I couldn’t feel the ground beneath me, the breeze on my skin or the sun on my face. I couldn’t hear the birds chirping or the water flowing by. It was as if I had left the physical plane and was hovering in a hyper-dimensional space.

Then this Luminous Feminine Being appeared over me. She was very tall, thin and graceful. Her body was very smooth, as if she was made of luminous white pearl. She was surrounded by a brilliant white radiance, as if it projected from within her and all around her at the same time. She spread her arms out over my body, performing some kind of healing. Then, she showed me a door at 45 degrees to my upper right that had golden light shining through around its edges. The door opened, revealing a celestial golden radiance. It was beyond human words. The higher self of another person appeared beside me. We held hands and walked through the doorway together and into the radiant golden light.

Not knowing what that was all about, I’ve never really mentioned the Luminous Feminine Being to anyone. I just let the experience be what it was, and kept it all in silence. But the memory strongly remains, and the meaning unfolded over time.

Many years later, my ‘ol teacher began taking me to his sacred places in nature. They are what he calls the Scattered Camelot Anomalies. The anomalies are energy vortexes at certain physical locations scattered across the globe, so he’s made me into a bit of a world traveler in the process. But every time he takes me to one, we receive celestial visions and downloads of information. Every anomaly we go to makes my energy stronger. It is a Quickening. My awareness, perception, connection and communication with the Beings and energies of the spirit worlds gets stronger. The Beings of those locations have shown us many things.

One of the Beings that comes to me quite often is half-owl, half-human. I just call her the Owl Lady. She’s connected to a sacred lake. She flows in from 90 degrees right in long, flowing white robes of radiant energy. Her body is that of a tall, graceful woman, while her face above the cheekbones is that of a White Owl. Her hair is soft white downy, and she has small white wings that fan backwards from the sides of her head. She carries a white staff that is linked to the energy of the White Stag. The staff is formed of two sections twisting tightly around each other. They split away from each other at the top, forming two prongs, like the antlers of a deer. The staff contains the energy codes of wisdom, love and healing.

There is also a group of female Beings in the Aluna Spirit Worlds that we’ve seen quite often, that we call the Blue Warrior Women. They are like a tribe of warriors, but at times, they appear in white or blue hooded flowing robes. They have the energy and the wisdom of the birds and of water, and they are connected to women that are here in the physical plane.

Now, the White Owl in my earlier visions, the Luminous Feminine Being that came by the river, the Owl Lady, and the Blue Warrior Women are all linked. They are all connected, but I couldn’t put it all together, until traveling through the lands of the ancient Celts and Etruscans. We journeyed across Ireland, Wales, England, Spain, and Italy, and everything clicked into place at the healing waters of Sulis.

Sulis is the ancient Celtic goddess associated to the thermal spring waters of Bath, England. She is the genius loci, the spirit and energy of the Sacred Spring located there, and her energy is strong. As the ancient Romans moved into the area around 60 A.D., they identified Sulis with their Goddess Minerva. Sulis became Sulis Minerva, and temples and baths were constructed in her name. But the Romans actually derived Minerva from the Greek goddess Athena and the Etruscan goddess Menrva. All of which were goddesses associated to war, art, wisdom, and healing. Same celestial energy, different names.

In the Aluna Spirit World, we’ve been shown that the ancient Celts and the Etruscans are connected, so I’ve kept her name as Sulis Menrva, in respect of both cultures. The ancient Celts and the ancient Etruscans are linked. They were both connected to the energies that we’re currently experiencing and working with in the Morph Worlds. So, to understand Sulis Menrva, we need to look at things from several different angles.

As Sulis, she was part of the Celtic Trinity of Mother Goddesses. Suleviae is a plural form of Sulis found on inscriptions across the Celtic world, but historians debate whether the Suleviae are linked to Sulis or just a coincidental similarity of the name. Regardless, Suleviae is just the Roman name given to the triple goddesses of the ancient Celts, and what we’ve seen in the Morph indicates that the concept of the Suleviae being a triple form of Sulis as being correct.

As Menrva, she was part of the Etruscan Trinity, along with her father Tinia and the goddess Uni—another indication of the triple form being accurate. She was also known as one of the nine Etruscan lightening gods. She was the goddess of war, art, wisdom and health, but also linked to remembrance and associated to the energy of the owl.

Here’s where things get interesting.

The old legends say that one day a force of light would come. We see that force as the Solar Logos, and it appeared as a triangle. That triangle was composed of three different energies, or resonances, Purple, Blue and Gold. They are linked as one energy, but also distinct energies of their own. They merged with the energy of the moon and the sun, and then returned to the earth as an even larger energy. When it returned, it expanded into six resonances, and then replicated again into nine resonances. Those resonances appear as circuitous forms of light. One could say that they are the Nine Gods of Light.

The energy of Sulis is blue. I’m certain she’s one of the Nine. We went to the Sacred Springs, and could see the blue energy come into a person’s etheric quite clearly. It appears as a blue glow around their body. The first time we went, Purple and Gold energies were there as well, so you could see the energy rotate from one color to the next. Then, we took others there for healing, and many have seen and felt the energies of the Healing Waters of Sulis.

In the same way that the Hindu Gods have avatars (incarnations) as people here in the physical plane, so does Sulis and the Celtic Gods. Only in this case, the energy is linked to many different people, primarily the women. Sulis Menrva is the celestial resonance of the healing energy of water and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit. That energy is very strong at the Sacred Springs, but every woman has that energy within them, as does every river, spring and lake. The women that align to softness, nature and the celestial force develop the blue resonance. We can see the blue energy become a part of their energy signature, ie. their fractal logo and higher self. It’s amazing to see. They are becoming visionaries and healers. They are the Suleviae of our time.

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