Christ Shiva

Christ Shiva

When you look at the world and shift your perception through the various dimensional frequencies, you can see etheric tubes that have light pellets passing through them. Sometimes everything drops away from it’s physical form altogether, and there is nothing but tubes of energy and complex geometrical forms of energy. When that happens, you can see how everything is connected and transferring energy from one thing to another. We’re all one. One energy.

Everything is one energy with just variances in frequency. It is like looking at the underlying holographic code that gives form to the physical universe we live in. It’s also like looking at the life force as it transforms and evolves through things. Non-physical to physical and then back to non-physical. We are morphing through the ages. We are energy.

Mr. Wilde wrote in his book Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days about how people are connected to their past lives on a mobius strip. That strip can be very complex with other loops that connect to it that have other incarnations in other dimensions. It all seems very accurate to me, and we’ve seen the fractal cubes of past lives that are linked to the etheric tubes of our fractal cube for this incarnation. Like beads on a string.

In group meditations, I’ve watched the tubes of energy, as they flowed into me from the right and out to the left. Everyone there seemed connected, and the energy just kept flowing between everyone as if they were one. It seemed to span across eternity, not just the confinement of the physical room we were in. The room disappeared altogether, and we were just light forms hovering in hyperspace.

At one point, Jesus appeared. It seemed to be 2,000 years ago. Then he morphed into Shiva, and it seemed to be 10,000 years ago. Then Shiva morphed back into Jesus, and it seemed to be in our day and time. Then Jesus morphed back into Shiva, and it still seemed to be our day and time. And it was as if Shiva had returned to serve a purpose in our day and age. Like his energy was returning to our modern day.

Christ Shiva by Khris Krepcik

While watching all of this, I also received the message that Jesus and Shiva were part of the same energy. Somehow they were connected. It was almost like they were part of the same mobius strip that spanned across eternity… and that they had each appeared in their individual forms in the other eras in which they were needed. So, Shiva appeared 10,000 years ago for a reason and purpose. And then Jesus appeared 2,000 years ago for a reason and a purpose. And now it seems they’ve returned for yet another purpose. So, they seem to be one and the same being, or at least linked to each other… and the message kept coming in that “it is Shiva’s time” to return to our world. Like Jesus had done his job back in the day… and now it was Shiva’s turn to take a whack at it.

In a strange way, all of those past times are happening concurrently with our time today. There doesn’t seem to be any past, present or future in the spirit worlds. Everything is happening at the same time. The other worlds are not a linear progression like our 3d existence. So, those energies span across eternity all at once… and they can intersect our dimension at any given point, while still existing in other eras.

I’m not Christian or Hindu… so I didn’t really expect to see Jesus and Shiva. But there they were, and it is what it is… one and the same energy, morphing back and forth between forms…. as strange as that may sound.

Interestingly enough…. it wasn’t quite over… As I traveled back home a few days later, I watched out the window of the airplane. In the clouds, I saw a massive Jesus hovering in the sky, arms outstretched and face to the sky. Then, I saw a massive Shiva sitting in the clouds, cross-legged and meditating… He was smiling.

It seems that energy has returned… feels that way…

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