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By Stuart Wilde — My ol’ teacher said that animals exist in a group soul of their species, but when a human befriends an animal, the love that flows allows the animal to exit the group soul of its kind, and the animal becomes individualized with its own, evolving soul. He said that even if we are cruel to an animal, the human contact allows the creature to evolve higher.

Through watching the visions of the inner worlds, I have learned many things about the animals and their powers. Most people have not considered that animals have a spiritual evolution, so what I’ve written below may sound somewhat foreign and strange to some, but the inner worlds are way more complicated than we humans ever knew. The animals fascinate me, they are very evolved in the way they serve, I have a great love and respect for them.

From the animals we have seen in the Aluna-Mirror World (a dimension opposite that we watch in trance, eyes shut and sometimes eyes open), I can say fairly categorically that animals have an after-life, and the individualized animals that have a single soul are in the spirit worlds in the Aluna in great numbers. How other animals evolve in a spirit-world group soul, I’m not sure, it’s too technical, but they must be there. They are eternal like us.

Dogs: The dogs in the Aluna spirit world act as protectors, one can hear them bark in their world, when danger approaches in this world, and the dogs are linked to the very high-up beings I call the Tall Boys. All the Tall Boys are 10-12 feet tall, they are young men between 25 and 30 years old, they are very rugged, muscular, and good looking. They can run at 40-50 miles an hour. They seem very humble and most selfless, I think they are here to rescue the children, but they are very secretive and elusive, so I can’t be sure.

I once saw a group of them in Brazil by a fire. They were there for three hours or more. They were accompanied by a very tall thin being, a female, her body was like a thin shiny pole of white light, and her head shone with a light that was neon blue. She was eerily beautiful, an angel, but not exactly human. She was motionless for hours. I did not understand what function she served, but she was never more than a few yards away from the boys.

There is a dotted line around the Tall Boys that seems to suggest that they are in the threshold of a doorway between worlds, maybe many worlds; they are custodians of our transition to a higher plane, the dogs are with them some of the time. The dogs’ link to the Tall Boys is what first got me thinking that dogs are way more spiritually elevated than we can conceive, certainly a dog’s love is very pure, as is its loyalty.

(There are Tall Girls, they are a bit shorter than the men, maybe 8-10 foot tall. I’ve only ever seen them once, two of them were crossing a road in London at great speed, headed toward Buckingham Palace).

Domestic Cats: Many people have described the sensation of feeling an Aluna cat walk over their legs, when in bed at night. The cats are companions, but at a higher rotation, they are fighters against the dark. They fight against the small dark blobs and dark beings that pollute the forest. I once saw a mysterious video play on a wall. There was no projector or DVD in the room. It showed a 45 minute film of a cat fighting in a forest to clear evil forces, so humans could come and be there in a ghoul-free Camelot environment. All the felines, like the panther and tiger, are powerful and military in their ways (see below).

The Lion of Judah: The Lion of Judah is the most elevated of all the animals; he is an animal-god, he fights for the Restoration. At times, I have seen him very large, walking across the peaks of the Himalayas. He is like Aslan in the Narnia stories, and he’s linked to Jesus. In essence, he is Jesus in Jesus’ animal spirit form; the lion is part of the celestial sun, that we call the Solar Logos.



One doesn’t usually hear the animals talk in the Aluna, but the Lion of Judah is an exception. I think this is because the lion-god is a human in animal form, so his evolution straddles the animal world and the human world. I once saw him very close up, we were practically nose-to-nose, he said to me, “I am you.” I didn’t know if he meant it literally, or in the more general sense that he is a human in animal form.

The White Tiger: The white tiger is the highest of the cats; its resonance is very calm and dignified. If the Lion of Judah is the king of the animals, then the white tiger is the queen. I have seen the white tiger fight, but generally it doesn’t have to, as the ghouls are terrified of it, and they won’t come close.

One day in a hotel suite in Vancouver, I saw the white tiger sitting on the floor of my bedroom in the doorway. Its paws were crossed. It was very large, way bigger than a tiger in this world. It was so real, I was taken aback. I was scared to be in a confined setting, so close to such a fierce animal. It offered no threat. It was there for several hours. If you see the white tiger, it’s a special spiritual blessing for you, it’s a new protection at a higher level, it allows you to do things and go places that have been denied to you.

The day after I saw the white tiger, the Shimmering Door appeared to me for nine hours in the same hotel room. It’s very intense and hard to cope with, it shimmers at four cycles a second, everything in the room, including one’s muscles and limbs, shimmer at the same speed. My legs were vibrating so fast, I couldn’t operate them properly. It took me almost an hour to learn how to walk across the room to the bathroom. The Shimmering Door is a portal into another dimension; if you can walk through it, you’d dematerialize here in 3-D. It’s made up of an oblong shaped box of interlocking silver hexagonal pieces (I’ve also seen it in gold). In the center of the door is a wolf guarding it.



Panther: The black panther that we see is like the white tiger, a protector and fighter. I’ve seen him in the deepest parts of the Aluna hell worlds. I was in a fight against some large reptilians that had skins/hides a foot thick, I wasn’t managing very well. The panther came in and turned the odds in my favor. When fighting the reptiles, I found trying to go through their hide/skin is a hopeless failure. But they always have their mouths open, snarling. I was taught to extend my arm very fast and put my finger in their mouth, and then turn it upwards to pierce the brain. You have to do it quick. It kills them, but they may take 20 minutes to die, the largest reptile we ever fought took two months to die, after it had been mortally wounded. It was one hundred and fifty feet long from head to tail and forty feet high. Interesting eh?

Jaguars: the spotted jaguar is like the panther, but slightly lower on the scale, but there is a black jaguar that is higher than all of the rest of the jaguars, it’s very rare to see and very mystical. This species are also fighters and protectors. I have only ever seen the black jaguar once, it moved me greatly. I felt blessed.

Deer: The deer known as the White Hart is another god-like animal connected to transdimensional doorways. It’s akin to the Lion of Judah, but slightly less. It is linked to the quest for the Holy Grail. The White Hart shines with a great light. I’ve seen it with a row of little red hearts on its spine. The other species of deer are very mystical and soft, I have a great love for the curly horned kudu of South Africa. All the deer are full of love for their families, pure love.



Spiritual growth is the act of becoming calm and controlling your emotion, and as you do that, your energy goes sideways, and you become wider. There is a spiritual heaven at 90° to your right. Once you become wider and more open in your thinking, less dogmatic, you begin to see other worlds; humans are evolving in many other realities and forms simultaneously with this life on earth. Some of the forms are what I have termed ‘manimals’, half-man, half-animal.

I had a period of my life for two or three days, where I could see a massive rack of horns on my head, it was jolly difficult getting in and out of the car. Others like Khris Krepcik have had the same experience of the horns. We humans are very closely linked to the deer tribes.

The Lamb: The only lamb I’ve seen is the Lamb of God. I was at an ancient stone church in Dorset England that’s 900 years old, the church is very small, just twenty feet by twenty feet.



In the church is a small stone table that acts as the altar. I saw a vision of Jesus there, he was with a lady in a blue cloak. Later, I saw him several times on different visits to the church, and on one occasion, I was outside, and he came to the door, in his arms was the Lamb of God; it was pure white, it shone with the grace of a holy light. He stepped forward and put the animal in my arms, I could feel its fur and the weight of it. It was really nice, full of love, and very calm.

The Lamb of God functions in a role we call “chicken on a string.” It’s the chicken tied up outside the fox’s lair that entices the animal out to be destroyed.



The Lamb suckers the Aluna ghouls into attacking, that is its sacrifice, its gift to humanity, it’s linked to the Hindu god Vishnu, who legend says, defeated the ghouls in the hell world and liberated the world at some point in ancient history. The Lamb is also linked in the Book of Revelation to Jesus, as he suckered the powers that be into killing him, creating the idea of a savior of humanity.

The Fox: The fox is a the symbol of the UFOs and the Greys, he’s the king of the UFOs in the Aluna worlds, if you see the fox in visions, there is an attack upon you in progress.

In the hell worlds are the Aluna selves of humans alive on earth, who are already in a spirit world hell without realizing it. On earth, they are wandering about, pretending to be normal, but many people have dark secrets, and their thought processes are polluted by meanness, spite, egocentricity, and evil sentiments towards other humans and the animals in particular.

The Aluna-self of those humans fire dark spikes of jealousy or hatred at other humans that can be seen and felt here on the ground. They hurt when they hit you, and they cause depression, if there are a lot of them. Sometimes the dark spikes look like black snakes, and I’ve seen women with wriggling snakes for hair like the Medusa. There must be male Medusa blokes, but I’ve not see one.

Then there are other snakes that are very sacred. Vishnu has five cobras behind his head to protect him. I’ve seen his cobras many times, they sway back and forth like in a wind, and often a single snake comes in close to me to help, when there are negative forces attacking.



And there is a form of Anaconda that people see on the Ayahuasca journeys, sometimes it comes to eat you. I tell people if the snake comes to eat you, let it, as beyond the belly of the snake is a celestial heaven, a renewal. Sometimes, if the Anaconda appears, and you have no resistance, and you say, “Please eat me, if you wish”, the snakes turns and goes away. It’s a test of your humility, selflessness, and lack of fear. While you are in the Anaconda, you are very safe. It’s a protector.

The Bulls: There is a fight in the Aluna for the liberation of the bulls. This past year there were a record number of matadors that got knocked over here in 3-D, and some retired too scared to bullfight any more. Catalunya, in northern Spain, passed a law banning bull fighting, and France is considering the same law. Bull fighting will end one day.

The matadors are already in hell, because of their arrogance and cruelty; we can see them there, so if the bulls end them and return them to their preferred spot in the devil’s arena, that will fix things double quick, short-time, pronto. Karma is really only a very precise filing system.

The most famous bull is Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva, I once saw Nandi on the lawn of the hacienda, where we do the Aya’ ceremonies in Ecuador. He was huge. Twelve foot from head-to-tail, and the small of his back, his spine, was about six feet off the ground. Shorty after I saw Nandi, I saw Shiva appear with a retinue of golden beings holding banners. He told me stuff about great turning points in our world’s future, it was all a bit boggling for my small head. I wasn’t ready to hear it all, major things that need to be done. Just before he left, he mentioned that my house in Australia would sell later in the year in November, and that was exactly when the deal did close.

I was glad to sell in a difficult market, but it scared me a bit, because I think he mentioned the mundane issue of my house to let me know that what he had said about the other things was true. It was about a force that would come that would change the world for the better, but it would create much turmoil as people adjusted to change. I can’t talk about it in great detail here, it’s way beyond me, maybe later, and anyway people might get upset. It’s best left alone for now, if you know what I mean jelly bean?

Nandi the bull is intimately linked to the sacrifice animals suffer at the hands of humans, bullfighting and so forth, so he’s part of the power of Gaia to remedy things.

The White Rhino: The white rhino is very fierce and powerful. I’ve not seen him much, but I like him a lot, he’s more linked to people of African origins.

Bear: The bear is truly great. In the Aluna, it can move very fast. One day on a freeway in Utah near Moab, I was being tracked by a small fleet of UFOs. The UFOs are ugly, they come from the underworld on a vector (trajectory) I call ‘240-down’. It is behind you, to your left, through the ground at 240 degrees round a compass. When you are looking north, put your left hand on your left hip, move it out one foot and back one foot and point, that’s 240-down.

I have silver Aluna bangles on my wrists, that I can see glowing at night in a dim light, they appeared on my wrists in 2001. The bangles react, when the UFOs are about, so that’s how I know when the suckers are around. The Moab mob were following my car for about an hour, causing trouble, making moves to attack, or hoping to anyways.

I stopped the car and meditated against a rock to see what I could see. In my mind’s eye, a video clip played for a few minutes, in it a bear appeared, it chased a UFO across the Moab’s desert landscape. The UFO was flying very fast, just a few feet off the ground, zigzagging, trying to escape, the bear caught it and ate it.

One morning, I woke to see a small bear cub on my chest to the left and a baby panther also on my chest to my right. Sometimes we seem to raise these Aluna cubs for their parents, maybe they are Aluna orphans, I don’t understand it fully.

Wolf: The wolf is often the protector of women, but I’ve seen it very close sometimes. One day, I was in a dogfight in the Aluna, in what seemed to me to be three distinct panels. There were ghouls to my right going very deep down into hell, and then the majority of them were attacking up the center of my vision (POV), and there were more to my left. And some under me and many above me. I was overwhelmed.

A wolf appeared with her three cubs, and she sat in the right panel, the ghouls in that vector backed away, they would not approach while the wolf was there, so she helped me enormously. She was there with her children in the right panel of my POV for eight hours.

The wolves are very magical. They are very high up, as said, they guard the Shimmering Door. They have very deep feelings. They howl for days when one of the kin dies, they have an emotion, a connection to each other that is most endearing.



The Birds: I can see the birds in the Aluna a lot almost everyday. They are in a different, more elevated dimension to us, as they have the capacity of “up” as well as our normal Flatworld of “along and across.” The small birds seem to be message carriers, and sometimes I can see they disseminate information in their tweets. It leaves their beaks as a small tube of codes, like letters and numbers. They lace areas like a garden say, attempting to confine the dark forces that are skullin’ about in the bushes. You feel those bird codes sometimes as impulses that are beyond the logic of thinking, but they guide you nonetheless. Sometimes I imagine I’ve heard the birds say the odd word in English, sounds dippy, one doesn’t know if one has actually heard it or imagined it.

Of course, all animals have minds, emotions, and love for their families. They speak to each other; they do have language, albeit a rudimentary language. I looked after a cat once for three years, while its owner traveled a lot for work. It had a dozen different meows. Each intonation meant something, there was a “Hello I’m back” meow, a hungry meow, a happy meow, a “I’m sleepy” meow, and others. And I had the distinct impression the cat knew that I knew its language, as I’d respond saying, “Ok I’ll get your food in five minutes” and the cat would answer with a contentment meow. The intonation of the ‘hello I’m back’ meow was most obvious, it dipped and then rose up a note or two, and it was always uttered as the cat came through the cat flap in the kitchen door, so that was how I came to learn it.

Of the larger birds, the eagle is very special. In the Native American tradition, it is the messenger of the Gods. If you befriend the eagle, it will flap in front of you, hovering, and you will feel the beat of its wings in the air, then it will jump into your chest. It grants you higher perception, the ability to see round corners. The Aluna spirit world eagle is many times bigger than a normal eagle, it has a wing span of 12 feet or more.

The pigeon is like the humming bird of the Native Americans, it is a messenger. I saw several visions of three pigeons at the feet of the Returned Jesus, he’s also a messenger. This is one of the links the pigeons have to people in high places. Tee.

Owls: The owls have enormous power, because when they open their wings, there are sixteen dimensions in there, way beyond our simple comprehension. The power of the owl is very great, but it is difficult to understand. One day I found myself covered from head to toe with feathers. The sensation remained for four hours, I looked at myself in the mirror, it was very similar to this picture here, wings folded at rest. Like the eagle, the owl grants perception.



Geese: The geese appear in groups, they cackle in the Aluna and warn you of incoming danger, just as the Aluna dogs bark.

The Scorpion: The scorpion is a force of attack, they are particularly used against black magicians. The Aluna scorpion appears in your mouth, and you can feel it moving around, it’s a really odd feeling, difficult to get used to while trying to stay calm. When you spit it out, it travels at an unstoppable speed and hits the magician that’s causing trouble. I’ve had the scorpion in the mouth experience three times.

On one occasion, I later saw a vision of the black magician in question with a white bandage on his willy. It looked like a sausage roll with his thingy sticking out from beyond the bandage. Funny eh? I never saw anymore of him. “Good riddance to sausage rubbish”. He’d been attacking me every day for twenty-four days consecutively, I had grown tired of him, finally I asked permission to act because we are forbidden to harm people except in extreme circumstances. The permission was granted. I was jolly glad the scorpion came at that exact moment to sort it out. I love that little creature.

Ants and Insects: In the Aluna dimension, one sees lots of bugs, and gnats, flies, cockroaches, and spiders, etc, they are usually a sign of etheric dirt in your energy. So if you have been up to some dubious stuff in the Red Light district say, or if you have spent time in grotty parts of town, the spiders follow you home. They feed off the outer edge of your etheric about a foot away from your body.

Ant People: The ant people are extraordinary beings, they are half ant, half human; they stand about 7-8 feet tall, sometimes I’ve seen them with armor and a coat over it. They are the Aluna surgeons, hence the coat maybe? They look like doctors in a hospital. They perform operations using their pincers. I had a small problem with my heart, a valve got damaged, when I was a kid, there was pain in my chest. An ant person came in and worked on it for about five minutes, he cut something in there, the pain went. They seem linked to the Etruscan healing temples of 700 B.C. that both Khris Krepcik and I have written about before.

Bees: The bees symbolize the leading edge of the fight between light and dark, we see that edge as a yellow and black zigzag line, the yellow representing the golden light of God.

The Black Horse: The black horse is from the Book of Revelation, its rider carries the scales of justice. I see the back horse regularly, once a week or so, I’m fond of its justice, it’s a proper way of life in this corrupt world. He always appears when some form of retribution is afoot, like when Tony Blair was exposed by the British press and he fell from office. I saw the horse when Michael Jackson fell in the Aluna worlds and nine months later the singer was dead.

The Red Horse: The red horse is war. I saw him when the Iraq war started, but not much since.

The White Horse: The rider of the white horse sometimes appears with his shirt off, riding bare back. He has a bow and white arrows that he fires, sometimes the arrows are gold. He is connected to natural disasters. I saw him days before the Haiti earthquake. But I’ve also seen him fire an arrow that hit the floor of the NY stock exchange.



The Pale Horse: The pale horse brings plague and death, I have never seen it, so I have no knowing of it.

The Winged Horse: The winged horse Pegasus is seen very often, people posting on Khris Krepcik’s Hooded Sage site report seeing the horse many times. He’s akin to the other animals that are gods.



I’ve seen the Hindu gods on him, riding across the sky. Sometimes he appears in front of you, flapping his vast wings, hovering. He’s white and very big, at least twice the size of horse here in 3-D. I’ve seen him really close up, his nostrils were six inches from my face.

Unicorns: While a unicorn is not a 3-D animal, it may have been in the ancient past. In the Aluna, it is another animal-god. Sometimes people have seen visions of hundreds of unicorns crossing the sky. There are black unicorns, as well as white ones. I’m not sure what that means, I don’t see them as a negative force. The unicorns are in the dimension of the magical forest, that I’ve written about before.

Voles, Badgers, Moles, Skunks, etc: I’ve seen these furry animals in the Aluna, but I’m not sure that they are evolved enough to have a major function. But I can’t say that categorically, as animals have levels of evolution and development, that I can’t reach or see.

Whales and Dolphins: We see these creatures, they are very evolved, and they seem to be involved in communicating, but the sea is not my area of expertise, so I can’t say much in this department.

At a higher rotation, the animals are all pure white, like the white camel and the white lions and even the white zebras that we see in the Aluna, and then one rotation further up from that, they are all gold, much like the human-looking Golden Radiant Beings we see that are linked to the Hindu, Nordic, and Celtic gods of literature. The animals and the golden humans seem at level par, for example, Jesus is not higher than the Lion of Judah, he is the Lion of Judah, and the lion’s human incarnation is called Jesus.

The animals are what a perfect human seeks to become, because they are natural, and spirituality is the act of becoming ever more natural, akin to the silent, pristine beauty of a flower say. The animals’ service and their sacrifice and their selflessness is not found in humans, or very, very rarely, one in a million maybe, or one in ten million. So they have mastered an evolutionary stage that we have only brushed against with a sharp, arrogant shoulder blade that delineates the outer edge of our feigned superiority. We are less, much less. If we open our arms, we stand in three dimensions, thirteen less than an owl. Tells ya something.

Do animals have an afterlife? Yes, of course, and do they serve vital functions, without which humans would perish overwhelmed by the demonic? Definitely. And will you see your pooch in the after life? For sure, it is connected to you, and it evolves through the love you have for it, so the link cannot be broken.

The closer you get to the souls of animals, the more you evolve, and the safer you are, but you have to be a vegetarian or all is lost on that front, and you are confined in your evolution to stay inside the limits of your disdain to manage on your own. You see, if you eat them, they take it personally, and they abandon you to die in the arms of a boney helplessness, as that is what you offered them.

It’s very deep—the evolution of animals—way more than humans have ever understood. The mind invented humans as special, and its coldness blinded people to the truth, you see? Sad really but there you go, humans aren’t much to write home about. (sw)

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