The Spirit Worlds

Spirit Worlds

If you think of spirits as being the souls of dead humans floating around, then the spirit worlds may seem a bit daunting to you. Those beings do exist, but they are only one small part of a larger whole. We are multidimensional beings, surrounded by a vast non-physical geography of etheric non-worlds, or dimensions in hyperspace. Those worlds contain many different beings, not just the spirits or higher selves of humans. Some of them are very celestial, some of them are not, but all of them are composed of essentially the same thing—etheric or spiritual energy. So, I use the term spirit world for any non-physical dimension.

The ancient writings discussed these otherworld dimensions, but they never really explained where these worlds were or how to get there. It seems to me that they guessed at it a bit, because what they did write about them is actually backwards from what we’ve discovered. The hell worlds aren’t hot, they are freezing cold, and they aren’t straight down. They are behind you at various downward angles. The celestial heavens aren’t straight up, there isn’t just one, there’s no pearly gate and they are extremely warm.

I would like to mention that author Stuart Wilde was the first person to really get it right in identifying the spirit world locations. He wrote about it as early as in 1983, when he challenged the common view of ascension being up, after identifying that the near death tube actually traveled horizontally—meaning transcension would be sideways. Finding that interesting and alternative, I experimented with self-inducing near death experiences, and found his information to be very accurate. Since then, we’ve been able to very specifically pinpoint a number of different spirit world locations and their trajectories from where we are. To make it easier to understand, I’ve mapped it out in the following diagrams.

Before you go any further, I caution that you should read this entire article. Please do not just look at the pretty pictures and then disregard the information that goes with them. If you rotate your consciousness into some of these areas, they can have a very real effect on your life experiences. Positive or negative. But I do believe it’s better for you to know about these areas, as it’s designed to help keep you safe.

Spirit World Locations by Khris Krepcik

Spirit World Locations – Vertical Plane Trajectories


Spirit World Locations by Khris KrepcikSpirit World Locations – Horizontal Plane Trajectories

0º Front: Your line of sight is always 0º. It’s the location of the physical 3d world. You can perceive energies in that area, but for the most part, the location straight in front of your line of sight is the physical plane. The spirit worlds are all positioned in relation to your direct line of sight, so when you move, they move with you.

22º Left or Right/22ºDown: I’m not certain if this area is another dimension, as it seems to be a mid-way point. Dark beings linger there or move into it from other locations. We know the red-eyed mephistopheles type beings, Baphomet and the aluna selves (higher selves) of evil people linger in this area, when they’re watching someone. 265º Right/17º Down (95º Left/17º Down) behind you to the left is the home of the Lords of Cruelty.

45º Left: This area seems to be the primary location of the aluna selves of ‘good’ people that are still alive on earth. I call it the ‘Land of The Faithful’, as they seem to be working towards their spiritual growth. I’ve seen thousands of them walk in from this direction, looking for access into the celestial dimensions. They just want love and acceptance.

45º Upper Left: This area is dangerous. It is sometimes the location of recently departed human spirits, but it is also the location of dark beings that are bent on manipulation, control and abuse. Those beings seem to be departed human spirits that never evolved out of that area. We know that mind control, mind wipes, bewitchments and negative downloads enter people’s energy fields from this trajectory. There have been times when celestial forces are also in this area, so one shouldn’t completely rule this area out.

45º Right: The Dao Beings (half human, half-animal) sometimes come in from this direction. Other than that, I don’t know much more about it.

45º Up/45º Right: 45 Upper Right is a celestial dimension. It leads to many other dimensional locations, full of beings that are aligned to celestial resonances. The beings of these worlds are very tall and thin, or they stretch very wide, as if they expand across eternity. Many of them have human like forms, while others are very complex forms of circuitous light. It is the direction towards the Crystalline Archers, the Celestial Dao Beings (tall human like beings with long flowing robes) and the Circuitous Light Beings of 26d.

90º Left: This area seems to be a celestial world that we expand into etherically, but we also know that slower vibrational energies, beings, and negative human sentiments can come in from this direction. So, I’m always cautious of it. It’s linked to the collective unconscious.

90º Right: True ascension is sideways, and 90º right is a celestial dimension that is home to the Celestial Insect Beings, a group of beings that are healers, teachers and helpers—many things. Their world is vast with radiant colors and complex geometrical fractal structures of light that hover in hyperspace. The Dao Beings, Sacred Animals and other celestial beings also come in from the 90º right direction.

135º Left/45º Down: Also referred to as 220º or 225º down, this area is strictly a hell world. The beings of this area are very demonic, degrading souls. The deeper you go into this world, the stranger the beings look. In the upper levels, they are quite human looking, only they have fangs and strange, morphing appendages, such as animal beaks, decaying faces, all sorts of demented contortions. They degrade deeper and deeper, eventually coagulating together into a massive wall.

135º Right/45º Up: There is a terror paralysis phenomena people sometimes experience, where they are wide awake, but can’t move their physical body. Often they feel trapped by an invisible force or may even see or feel beings holding them down. A high frequency tone hits people and causes the paralysis. It disrupts their body’s electromagnetic circuitry to where they can’t move or function properly. It’s related to UFO and abduction activity. I’ve traced the frequency to an oblong etheric box in this trajectory at 135º Right, 45º Up. The artifact makes digital clunking noises, before sending the frequency. If you’re quick, you can spot it and defend yourself a bit.

180º Back: Straight behind you is like a lush celestial world of your own. It mostly seems to be a digital recording storage facility, containing inner symbols associated to your current lifetime, your personal history, your ancestory, your past lives, and other dimensional experiences. It is your personal inner universe and the storehouse of your inner power. There are things about it that are linked to the collective unconscious of humans, so one must be cautious. But beyond the band of the collective unconscious, it seems safe and warm to me. If you’re being attacked by dark forces, you can fall back and twist etherically into this area to keep you safe.

90º Up: The old writings would have you believe that spiritual ascension is up, but that’s not accurate. It would certainly serve the religions and gurus nicely, if you bought into it, because it’s a spiritual trap. I call it “The White Light Trap of the New Age”. It’s primarily the home of the ultimate ego, elitism, specialness, arrogance and the analytical mind. When your father said, “I’m going to knock you off of that high horse”, this is what he was talking about.

90º Down: The celestial worlds of the Lake of Avalon, the Crystal Cave and the Shamanic Underworld are all straight down below you. It’s a personal inner safe haven for you, and the beings of these worlds include the Avalon Beings, the Sacred Animals, Plant Beings and the half human, half animal Dao Beings. The walls of the tube that leads down to this dimension are lined with beings that we call Men with Wings.

45º Down: A downward 45º trajectory in any horizontal direction seems to be dangerous. There are many different dark beings in these directions, UFOs, grays, reptilians, gollums… many things. Best to stay out of those areas. When someone says they’re feeling down or feeling low, it’s because their consciousness is hovering in one of these trajectories, and their energy is being drained by negative forces.

When you consolidate your energy, it is basically the process of pulling your consciousness out of these other dimensional areas and centering it around you. If you’re up for it, it’s best to center and consolidate your etheric energy first, and then you can experiment by peering into some of these areas consciously. You expand your consciousness and feelings into them, and then write down the visions you experience in relation to the area you were focussing on.

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