The Celestial Force

The celestial force

The Celestial Force is Inside of You and All Around You. It is within all things. All things are within it. Separation from this simple truth is an illusion of the mind. Everything is connected. Everything is energy.

The forward trajectory of the mind in the observation of things is what makes things solid. So, you could travel to the end of this physical universe and still see nothing but this physical universe — the solid.

To perceive the non-solid nature of reality, you have to pull back the forward trajectory of your mind and expand your subtle feelings. This simply comes down to calmness, silence, and the ability to sense.

There is a multidimensional consciousness beyond the mind. There is a multidimensional universe beyond this physical plane. There is an ancient memory of this somewhere deep within everyone. Naturally.

The multidimensional universe is one massive holographic system of light and fractal geometries flowing through eternal space. For all practical purposes, the multidimensional universe is basically one massive digital memory storage device — the database of all consciousness — endless packets of information.

On an energy level, you are a holographic system of flowing light and fractal geometries. You are a digital memory storage device flowing within the overall system. You are a spark of the Divine Force.

Expanding consciousness is simply a matter of Openness. Definitions and rigid intellectual opinions form the limitations of perception. You have to be open to possibilities and potentials to perceive the new.

Imagine the multidimensional universe as one rotating and spiraling logo of light. Imagine that logo as being composed of smaller, self-similar replications of itself. This is the fractal and holographic nature of reality. The smallest particle within the system is the replicated image of the overall system. As such, the replicated image also contains the information of the overall whole. So, the universal code is within all things, and all things are within it — as flowing fractal geometries of light — fractal codes.

The underlying nature of reality is a system of woven etheric strings and vibrational forces. Everything is energy — a Celestial Force. It’s not a philosophy. It’s metaphysics. Philosophy is just the love of it.

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