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I spend most of my time writing, answering student’s questions on a discussion board, and working in the aluna worlds. But the past nine months, a lot of the work has landed on the ground. We’ve been traveling around the world doing free healing work for those that would come. We’ve been to Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, the United States, and a few other other places recently. So, it’s getting a bit hard to keep track of, but we have taken people to some very interesting places, whether it be sacred lakes, sacred wells, or anomalies in the city. It’s mystical.

Some people think of spiritual healing work as being some kind of “faith” healing. But there’s actually a technology to it. Faith is only relevant, because the rigidity of the mind can form blocks and binds within a person’s energy field. And healing is a matter of openness. The human energy field is like a circuit of energy. The circuit has to be a clear pathway, in order for the energy to flow properly. Healing comes down to the symmetry, vibrancy, and vibrational speed of a person’s energy traveling through their own circuit. The mind moving forward in time makes things solid, rigidity can actually shut down the circuit.

A person’s energy field is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and geometrical fractal codes — a system of light and geometrical shapes. Physical, emotional, and mental sickness exist in the energy field as dark and asymmetrical forms that slow down the flow of one’s energy. The tangible is born of the intangible — and the quality of a person’s life is a reflection of the quality of their etheric energy. Transform the energy — and you transform the physical, emotional, and mental conditions. We’ve seen cancers, leukemia, physical pain, psychological disorders, tumors, and other things enter regression or completely disappear, with people reporting that their doctors are validating it, but don’t understand it.

The technology is in being able to see the holographic tubes and fractal codes — and in understanding how to bring a person’s energy back into a proper symmetry, vibrancy, and vibrational speed. When we place our hands on someone, it doesn’t have anything to do with the physical touch. It has to do with an etheric touch, clearing dark resonances and making one’s codes symmetrical and vibrant again. When dark and broken codes leave a person’s system — they feel it. And it reflects in the quality of their life.

Reality is a construct of hidden etheric forces, particles, and strings. It’s not faith or religion. It’s physics.

Metaphysics is understanding it and knowing what to do with it. There’s a technology to spiritual healing, and it’s something that you can learn to see and work with. Most of the people that attend our healing workshops begin to see energy. The main reason is that the darkness within a person’s energy field is also the same thing that blocks a person’s ability to see. Clear the darkness — and you’ll see the light.

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