Understanding Past Lives

Past Life Experiences

Past life experiences are one of those things that always seem to fascinate people. People want to know Who They Are and Where They Came From. It’s a natural tendency of the human mind to want to know such things. The mystery of past lives and reincarnation can be intriguing.

Past lives and reincarnation are definitely real. But not everything people believe about past lives and reincarnation is necessarily accurate or true. You are an eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite spirit. You are consciousness embodied, incarnated, and manifested into a physical human body and form. So it only makes sense that you would have had previous incarnations. You are traveling through an eternity of evolutionary experiences, existences, and lives.

But when it comes to past lives, I am cautious not to instantly buy into it all, both about myself, as well as to not instantly buy into it about others — nor validate it for them. You can discover information about your past lives in dreams, entheogenic journeys, trance states, and visions. And sometimes you can simply have memories about a past life experience or know specific information about someone or something from that past that is way too accurate and uncanny to be ignored. Sometimes you just know something — regardless of whether or not it can be proven. And that is the challenge about past life experiences — there’s no real way to validate them with any cold hard facts. It’s something that can only be known within your inner feelings and perception of the multidimensional etheric energy field and inner world dimensions.

Sometimes when I look at people, I can see their past lives as plain as day. It’s as plain as the nose on their face. Sometimes it’s an instant message or vision. Sometimes it’s revealed on the fractal logo on their skin. And sometimes their physical appearance morphs between their past life forms. It’s like their higher self drops in over them — overlaying and superimposing upon their physical human form, revealing who they are or who they were. It’s all very mystical.

But there are a number of other mystical phenomena that can cause these very same things, which is why I’m cautious not to instantly buy into it or validate it all as being a definite past life experience. The only definitive conclusion is that there are no definitive conclusions. And you have to challenge things to avoid falling into delusions, mystical con-jobs, and spiritual ego-trips. You have to be open to the possibility of things, but keep your wits in check.

Here are the main reasons I challenge the validation of a past life experience being authentic.

The Collective Subconscious Field is literally a holographic etheric field — of which all human beings are connected. The aluna self/higher self of every single human being alive exists within that mirror world dimension — and they appear as a mirror image reflection of their physical human form. You may have come across their faces in your meditations. We call those faces, Flashy Faces, because they pop in and out, morphing between each other, from one to another.

Devil’s Face is a phenomenon whereby one peers into a mirror or another person’s face, and their face begins to morph into various other faces, usually dark and evil faces. Devil’s Face is the same thing as Flashy Faces, only experienced with eyes wide open looking into a mirror or another person’s face. Just because your face morphs into the appearance of another human being doesn’t necessarily mean it’s you or a past life reflection. Most of the Flashy Faces are nothing more than the interference of the collective human subconscious. The secret is to not get hung up on them and move beyond them into deeper and deeper inner worlds. You have to peer beyond the interference of the collective field to perceive accurate and pure information.

Ancestral Spirits and Guides are often hovering within a person’s etheric energy field. Some of your Ancestral Spirits and Guides are actually aspects of your own higher self from other cultural lifetimes — and then some of them are not. Some of them would be the higher selves of others from those other cultural lifetimes — like the ancestral lineage of your guides, gurus, shaman, and teachers. And then some of them are multidimensional beings from other places.

Channeling is a phenomenon whereby a person enters into a trance state and aligns to their Ancestral Spirits, Guides, and/or Higher Self. And any of them can drop in — overlaying and superimposing over your physical form as a way of sharing their inner wisdoms with you or as a way of showing their connections to you. It activates the inner feelings of an ancient memory somewhere inside of you. Channeling is usually an intentional method of aligning to levels of higher consciousness to gain information — but it can also happen spontaneously to anyone.

Mediumship is a phenomenon whereby a channeler becomes a medium for other spirits who aren’t necessarily their own Ancestral Spirits, Guides, or Higher Self — but the Ancestral Spirits, Guides, and Higher Selves of other people. Mediumship is usually the intentional channeling of information to assist others. However, some people are natural doorways to the spirit worlds who haven’t fully discovered their talent or disciplined their ability. And there are some spirits out there who will try to make contact through them, which can confuse the person.

Possession is the intrusion of another spirit entering a person’s body and taking over. Most possession is actually an aspect of the person’s own human shadow — like repressed darkness within the subconscious mind coming to the surface. It’s a psychological schism between their conscious and subconscious mind that can cause them to act like an entirely different person. And then full tilt possession is actually the intrusion of an external demon, spirit, or even the consciousness of another living human being, like bewitchment. Strange, but true. It’s real.

All of these things can happen. And all of these things can confuse a person into believing they are linked to past life experiences or validations of them — even when they are not. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they are not. And you have to challenge things to decipher between what is accurate from what is not accurate. You have to consider all of the variables in the equation.

Beyond those things, the Number One thing that challenges the validation of a past life is this:

The Akashic Records are holographic etheric fields of information — fields upon fields. And the past life memory — of every single human being who has ever lived — exists within those collective etheric fields. They are like the collective subconscious fields of all past generations.

The human etheric energy field is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and geometric fractal codes — inside a holographic cube that surrounds you — a Fractal Cube of information. Your consciousness and etheric energy field is basically a digital memory storage device — like a hard drive archiving a collection of the feelings, experiences, and memories of your life. And that digital memory recording of your lifetime will remain — long after you’re gone.

The Akashic Records are the Etheric Archives where that information is stored. The archives are like one giant holographic etheric network of fractal cubes — all connected together by etheric tubes — like tunnels of light. The archives are like one giant network of hard drives storing the digital memory recording — of every single human lifetime that has ever been. The Databank.

And like all databanks, there are methods of accessing the information within them. There are methods of accessing the digital memory of anyone who has ever existed — via altered states of consciousness and trance states — for inspiration. It is a method of aligning to their energy and inner wisdoms with your feelings. The method involves traveling through the etheric tubes and aligning to the fractal cube of the individual’s past life recording — their digital memory.

It takes discipline, experience, and training to develop the mystical ability to do it. And it takes discipline, experience, and training to distinguish between what is accurate information from what is not accurate information — because the fields are often distorted by emotion and mind. Once you are within the fractal cube of someone else’s digital memory — you experience their feelings, experiences, and memories — as if they were your own. It’s how your mind translates the information into something that you can relate to and understand, like an empathic ability.

But this phenomenon is not isolated to mystics. Have you ever woken in a dream so lucid, vivid, and real — that you couldn’t tell the difference between your dream world and the real world? Where were you? Who were you? When were you? Have you ever dreamt that you were traveling through tunnels or driving down endless curving highways? Where do you think you were you going? You know that light just around the bend or over the horizon? There’s something there.

The etheric archives are accessible by anyone, because everyone is already connected to them. Your consciousness and etheric energy field are soft-wired to the collective holographic etheric fields — and you are imprinting and writing your portion of the collective memory drives with the quality of the inner feelings, experiences, and memories of your life. And because you are already connected to the collective field — you can slip into other areas within it. Unknowingly.

Because of this phenomenon of being able to slip into the etheric energy field and memory of anyone who has ever lived — and experience their feelings, experiences, and memories, as if they were your own — it can confuse and disorient a person into believing that it was one of their own past lives — even if it was not. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not. The experience itself is definitely real. The question is a real what? It was a mystical experience. The question is whether or not you tapped into your own past life memory or the memory of someone else. It takes emotional, mental, and spiritual discipline and experience to determine which.

None of these things are meant to discredit or disprove whether or not past lives are real. But all of these things are variables to consider in determining whether or not a past life experience is authentic. There’s rarely anything physical to validate the mystical. That’s why it’s mystical. You have to search your inner feelings (not your opinions) and use your natural perception to distinguish between what is accurate from what is not accurate. Just like anything else in life.

When you have an authentic past life connection, you will usually have an unexplained affinity for another culture, some location, or even someone from the past. You will often have similar characteristics and traits of those other cultures or of some person from that past. Sometimes it’s a remarkable resemblance too uncanny to deny. Sometimes you will feel an irresistible pull to a far away land. Sometimes you remember things that you can’t explain. And sometimes you remember things that you can explain, down to the finest detail. Sometimes you just know.

We are all connected to an Ancient Memory. We are lifetimes and generations being born and dying. And being reborn. And from a broader evolutionary perspective of the historical human timeline — we are the incarnation of every other culture that has ever been. Here We Are. Now is Our Time. And the only real question is the quality of the inner feelings, experiences, and memories that we are writing and leaving within the Collective Archives of Human Memory.

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