What People Want

What People Want

One day, I was walking through the grocery store. I had just finished writing the first 55 Lessons of the Hooded Sage Course, and so it was like that feeling that you get, when you feel like you have actually accomplished something. You may feel a bit tired, but have a sense of relief. As I stood in line to check out, I was wondering if anyone would really appreciate 55 spiritual teachings. And at that very moment, I glanced down, and there was a Cosmopolitan magazine with a sexy super model on the cover and some big bold black print that read: “55 Ways to Seduce a Man”. That’s when it hit me — the earth plane.

I had just written 55 Ways to Spiritually Evolve — and They Want 55 Ways to Seduce a Man.

I said to myself, “People Don’t Want 55 Spiritual Teachings — People Want 55 Ways to Seduce Each Other. People want sex, money, entertainment, and materialism.”  Magazines spend massive amounts of money every year on demographic research and analysis to determine the interests of markets. In other words, they determine What People Want — and then they sell it to them. I was a creative director in marketing communications for 20 years, so I know a bit about it. But, everybody knows what sells anyway.

So, let’s have a bit of fun with this…

A few months ago, I was curious about the actual numbers, so I did a bit of research on Average Global Monthly Searches for certain keywords. What people are searching for — is what people are looking for. What people are looking for — is What People Want. You may find it more surprising than you think.

My initial question was on “spiritual teachings.” I found there were only 2,900 Global Monthly Searches for ‘spiritual teachings’. So, I was like, “ok, kind of fits my theory, but it’s really metaphysics… so, let’s check: metaphysics”. I found that ‘metaphysics’ has 368,000 Global Monthly Searches. So, I was like, “ok, it’s an improvement, but most people don’t even know what metaphysics even means, so let’s check on: philosophy”. And I found that ‘philosophy’ improved to 5,000,000 Global Monthly Searches. Cool.

Then, I said, “ok… just out of curiosity, let’s check: religion”. And ‘religion’ checked in with 11,100,000 Global Monthly Searches. So, I said, “wow. let’s check: God”. And God checked in with 55,600,000 Global Monthly Searches. And I said, “Holy Cow, God, did you know that people are looking for you, and not a religion? The numbers prove it 5 to 1”. And God said, “So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done”. — OK

And then I heard Jim say, “Five to One Baby, One in Five. No One Here Gets Out Alive.” But never mind.

So, I looked up what was next. ‘Money’ checked in, with 68,000,000 Global Monthly Searches. And then ‘Dining and Entertainment’ combined, checked in with 72,200,000 Global Monthly Searches. ‘Love’ more than doubled them with 185,000,000 Global Monthly Searches. Wow, What People Want is Love, Money, and Food. But to really see what I was analyzing, I had to check Global Monthly Searches for: ‘Sex’.

‘Sex’ gets 618,000,000 Global Monthly Searches — that’s 618 Million for the numerically impaired.

My initial comparison was to find out the difference between Average Global Monthly Searches between: ‘Spiritual Teachings’ (2,900) and ‘Sex’ (618,000,000). ‘Spiritual Teachings’ didn’t even come close. The figure didn’t even show up on the graph. I had to combine the total figures for ‘spiritual teachings’, ‘metaphysics’, and ‘philosophy’, just to get a hairline to visually show up on the graph. Funny, eh?

Ok. It’s nothing new. Everybody knows that sex sells, but the actual number of Global Monthly Searches for ‘Sex’ is staggering. To be searching for sex on the internet is Not Normal — it’s strange. You don’t have sex with a computer. You have sex with another person — another human being. And if you think the search for sex is isolated to men, you’re wrong. There’s 151 Million Global Monthly Searches for ‘Men’, 83.1 Million searches for ‘Boys’, 124 Million searches for ‘Women’, and 226 Million searches for ‘Girls’. So, girls and women are looking for it, almost as much as the boys and men are.

Now, What Do People Want even more than sex? Take a guess. What do you think people are looking for more than sex? What do you think could even possibly come in higher than sex? Take a guess. Take another. People usually can’t answer this one. It baffles ’em. Wait for it… Wait for it…

Movies! The Global Monthly Searches for ‘Movie’ and ‘Movies’ combined, ranked in at 1,124,000,000 — 1.124 Billion Global Monthly Searches — 13.4 Billion Global Searches a Year — for Movies! Movies Win! People want ‘movies’ almost twice as much as they want ‘sex’. People want ‘movies’ six times more than they want ‘love’. People want ‘sex’ three times more than they want ‘love’. Food, money, god, religion, and metaphysics don’t even come close. Don’t Blame Me. This is the world you live in.


According to an Analysis of Global Statistics, all you really have to do to make the world happy is: Don’t Talk About Metaphysics, Spirituality, Religion, or God — Just Make Some Money — Love Someone — Take Them Out for Dinner — Buy a Few Drinks — Take Them to a Movie — and Then Have Sex with Them.

Ha, ha, ha. Tee, hee, hee. It’s too hilarious.

But Just So You Know — I also did a little bit more research…

There are 68 Million People a Month that — “Don’t Know Why They Do What They Do”.

There are 414 Million People a Month that — “Don’t Know What They Are Doing”.

I’m sure the figures are higher than that, these figures are just the ones that admit it.

So, just because you get lucky enough to have someone take you out for dinner, drinks, movies, and some sex — it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what they are doing — or why they are even doing what they are doing — so you may actually end up disappointed with their poor performance.

Ha, ha, ha.

This world is ruled by entertainment and sex. The numbers prove it. There’s a very small percentage of people in this world that are actually looking for something beyond what the world of ego and the system have to offer to them. There’s a very small percentage of people in this world that are actually looking for something sacred. I guess that’s why we call them, fringe dwellers. Truth and Wisdom aren’t mainstream.

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