New Year’s Revolutions

New Year's Revolutions

It’s that time of year when millions of people are looking at themselves and what they want to change about their lives and setting New Year’s Resolutions to either do or not to do something to improve the quality of their life. And according to studies from the University of Bristol — 88% of them will fail.

The study also revealed that only 52% of people setting New Year’s Resolutions are confident from the beginning that they will be successful. What’s that mean? It means that 48% of those that want to change don’t believe they have the power to do it. They are beaten from the start in self-defeating attitudes.

Why do 88% of New Year’s Resolutions fail? Because your words mean nothing without conviction and resolve. You have to believe in yourself and you have to set a course of action. You either do or you don’t. You either will or you won’t. You have to have the firm determination to Do or Do Not. There is no try.

What are New Year’s Resolutions really about? — Change.

What are you really changing? The behavioral patterns and routines of programming that affect your life.

You’re trying to change your program.

What’s the program? — Codes, information, and instructions that control your behavior.

What are the codes, information, and instructions that control your behavior? — Beliefs and Opinions — the conscious and subconscious programming from the Hammer of Conditioning and Routine.

If you really want to change and if you really want your New Year’s Resolution to be successful, you have to be willing to change your beliefs, ideas, and opinions about things. You have to ditch your old program in exchange for a system of psychological attitudes that empower you and actually work. Your actions, attitudes, inner feelings, and ways all have to be in harmony and conducive to the outcome that you wish to create. You have to live by the power of your word and make your word your own law.

When people lack the conviction and resolve of their words — the word loses its meaning and purpose. The word loses its power. Resolution has lost its meaning and purpose and therefore its power, because 88% of the people using it lack the integrity and tenacity of spirit to follow through with it. It affirms nothing.

Because New Year’s Resolutions are such monumental failures, consider creating New Year’s Revolutions.

Revolution is a metaphysical energy. Revolution is the force of your determination to change your old program into something new. The only thing that ever really stops you from changing is the laziness of the ego and the rigidity of your mind’s own opinions. When you’re stuck in old patterns and routines — you have to do something dramatic to cause an effect that shatters your rusty cage. Overthrow your own ego. Change your own mind. Revolt against your programming. Do something different. Be spontaneous.

When your ego bitches and complains — Revolt! Refuse to Obey. When your mind falls into rigidity with doubt, fear, insecurity, and negativity — Refuse to Obey. When the shadow surfaces — Refuse to Obey. When the world around you criticizes your goals and objectives, laughs at them, or trashes your energy with their judgements, negativity, and rigid intellectual opinions — Refuse to Obey! with silence.

If you can understand that the power to do or not to do something comes from refusing to obey the old behavioral patterns and routines of your ego, emotion, and mind — then you will be granted the power to change. It’s simply a matter of neutralizing the ego, disciplining emotion and mind, believing in yourself, and setting a course of action. Set yourself in motion and your energy builds momentum. Set yourself in motion and your intention manifests. It’s cosmic law.

Revolution is the energy of change. If you can embrace the energy of Revolution as an inner attitude — it becomes a power. And you will be granted the power to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions. Simple.

Happy New Year.

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