Banned by the Thought Police


The Hooded Sage website is banned and blocked on certain internet service networks, like the free internet services available at hotels, cafes, transportation services, and such. There are various security software services that allow network administrators to adjust their system settings to what “they” think is acceptable content and block anything that “they” deem unacceptable. They control what you are allowed to view on their internet service — Not You. They should be blocking porn, but that would piss off their boss and too many of their customers. The Hooded Sage website is blocked on some systems for “Alternative Beliefs”.

I think that’s funny, because this website doesn’t really have anything to do with “beliefs”. It has to do with “perceptions”.

There is a difference between belief and perception. There is a difference between opinion and perception. Belief and opinion are basically just stuff people accept as being real or true — even when it’s not. Belief and opinion aren’t necessarily based on any real fact or knowledge. It’s basically just theory. It’s All Talk — And No Walk.

Perception is the ability to feel, sense, and touch. With a real perception — beliefs, opinions, and theories all get chucked out the window — because perception is the direct awareness, experience, and observation of something real with your senses. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you believe or think. It has everything to do with what you can perceive.

Belief, opinion, and theory are bogus — until the moment perception either validates them or proves them wrong. It’s all speculation — until the Moment of Truth. It’s very simple.

The Thought Police don’t want you to develop perception. The Thought Police want your mind to submit, support, and sustain the collective evolutionary path of ego and the rigid human intellect. The Sphere of Control is sustained by illusion and ignorance. As long as you’re numbing your senses on consumerism, consumption, entertainment, medication, and the tick-tock routine of the system — you should fit right in to the Socially Acceptable Program.

Whatever You Do — Don’t Develop Perception. You Might Accidentally Develop Inner Power. You Might Accidentally Heal Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Pain. You Might Accidentally Expand Your Consciousness — And Find Yourself on a Mystical Journey. You Just Might Create a Spiritual Reality of Your Own. And You Just Might Accidentally Infect Others with the Quality of Your Light, Love, and Understanding. The Program Doesn’t Like Liberation.

If You’re Gonna Believe in Something — Believe in Your Dreams. Believe in Your Own Energy.

Ditch the Program and Step Forward. Simple really.

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Khris Krepcik is a world renowned etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in ancient wisdoms and mystic arts. Krepcik is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real. Read the full Khris Krepcik Bio >