Physical dematerialization is a Morph phenomenon that has been witnessed by thousands of people over the past ten years at our events and workshops. The Morph is a phenomenon, whereby everything takes on a hazy wave state, speckled ambience, and/or soapy appearance. The Morph is essentially the etheric energy field of the earth and serves as a lens for peering into other dimensional levels. You don’t really need any training to see it. All you need to do is empty your mind and look at everything with a soft eye. If you’ve ever noticed “the Velvet of the Darkness”, where the blackness of the night looks like speckles of purples and blues, then you’ve seen the Morph before. It is entirely natural.

Seeing energy is easiest in darkness or dim light, because subtracting the distraction of reflective light allows a person to perceive the projective light of the etheric force, rather than perceiving the reflective light bouncing off of things from another source. It simply helps disengage the mind from locking onto the solidity of things, to where you can learn to perceive the non-solid nature of reality—energy.

Dematerialization occurs from a combination of both the Morph setting in, as well as the person letting go of the rigidity of their mind. You have to bring your mind into a silence and stillness, and then expand your subtle feelings. All you have to do is feel everything, rather than think about anything. The moment you start to think or engage the world with your mind—is the moment that you pop back into the solid.

People often see us disappear, when we’re working. We were doing a gig in Las Vegas once, and this guy came in that wasn’t attending the workshop. He was a bit awestruck by what he wasn’t seeing, as people were disappearing. He was silent, but projecting disruptive energies. I stopped what I was doing, walked across the room straight up to him, and stuck my finger in his belly, where his emotional energies were flying out of. It neutralized the disruptive projections, but he jerked back and coiled to throw a punch. It didn’t occur to me that he couldn’t see me. He didn’t know I was there, until I poked him. He was a bit terrified. And I didn’t mean to scare him, so I invited him to sit down and observe everything, but to do so with a soft eye. He ended up staying the rest of the evening, so everything turned out ok.

The thing about dematerialization is that you can still see the physical plane, once you’ve disappeared, it’s just that other people can’t see you. From my perspective, I was just walking across the room. This has happened hundreds of times since then, so I’ve learned to be more cautious in approaching people, so as to not give them such a fright. And then sometimes seeing a person manifest before your very eyes is exactly what a person’s needs, as it shows that life is a bit more mystical than what you may think.

When you watch a person dematerialize, it usually starts at the top of their head and works its way down to their feet. The person goes into a hazy wave state or fuzzy, kind of like the white noise static on old tv sets. It’s amazing to watch, and we’ve learned many things from doing so. The interesting thing is that you’re not just losing focus of the other person. You’re actually looking right through the person and can actually see things behind them clearly. Here’s a simulation of what it looks like.

Dematerialization Simulation

Once you disappear, you’re essentially standing in another dimension of reality, like a different vibrational frequency from the vibrational frequency of this physical world. It’s like a dimensional crossover, to where you’re both in this physical plane and not in this physical plane at the same time. Basically, you just step outside the normal visual range of the human eye. I don’t want to get too technical about it.

You can learn to see the Morph and begin to observe the dematerialization phenomenon for yourself, by just laying in your bed at night and peering into the dark. When you go to bed, lay on your back, close your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to relax. Let go of your thoughts from the day. After about 15 or 20 minutes, open your eyes. They’ll naturally adjust to the darkness of the room. Look into the dark for a few minutes, without focussing on the ceiling. Raise your arm into the air and notice your hand. Try not to focus on it, just notice it. Move your attention to just an inch or so away from your fingers. You should begin to notice a subtle glow around your hand or extending from your fingers. You may see your fingers bend or completely disappear. See what you see. If you don’t see anything at first, give it time. The activity and rigidity of the mind is the only interference, so you simply have to quieten the mind.

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