Holographic Healing

Holographic Healing

The human body is holographic. We live in a holographic universe. The physical world is made solid by your mind moving forward in time in the observation of particles. Any quantum physicist will tell you that the observation of a particle is what makes it solid. Without getting into particle and string theories, all you really need to do is look at the world with a soft eye, and you can learn to perceive etheric energy—the holographic nature of reality. The tangible is born of the intangible. The physical body is a reflection of the quality of your etheric energy—your vibrational resonance—your consciousness. Inner Feelings.

The healing work we do involves a combination of many techniques, both ancient, as well as what we’ve discovered in the Aluna Worlds. Regardless of the technique we use—the objective is to bring a person’s body and energy field back into a proper symmetry—a symmetrical balance. This involves body/muscle work, energy work, and identifying the psychological traits that are causing the imbalance to begin with, because if a person doesn’t change their psychological attitudes, they fall right back into their imbalance, which manifests as whatever pain they’re experiencing—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

People like to push the blame of their pain onto others and external conditions. While other people and external conditions can affect the quality of your energy—it is precisely within your very own ability to discipline your own emotion and mind and maintain the quality of your own inner feelings that grants you the very ability to withstand things. Essentially, all you have to really do is vibrate faster than anything that is affecting you. If you don’t understand what it means to vibrate faster—understand this. You are a reflection of your own attitudes and inner feelings. Change your attitudes and inner feelings, and your energy vibrates faster, because they are essentially the same thing. Energy is a feeling.

There is nothing that you can’t heal, if you can only change the way you feel. Put that on your fridge.

Emotional reaction and rigid intellectual opinions are the very things that degrade the very quality of a person’s body, life, and spirit. I try to teach people: No Emotion—No Mind. No Reaction—No Opinion. Because emotion is nothing more than a reaction of the rigid intellectual opinions of the human ego. And the rigid intellectual opinions of the human ego are nothing more than programming from the hammer of conditioning. Rigid intellectual opinions are the very things that form the limitations of one’s own perception and reality. No Opinion=No Reaction. No Reaction=No Imbalance. No Imbalance=Balance.

If you want to evolve and develop your energy, you have to ditch your rigid intellectual opinions.

The funny thing about the healing work we do is that, after a long night of healing others, we need healed ourselves. At workshop events, we’ve worked on as many as 70 or so people in one night, and it takes its toll. Part of our process involves absorbing the pain and dark energies of others, like a human filtration system. So, we retreat into privacy to heal ourselves. We always work in groups of at least three people—one energy worker, one energy reader, and then whoever’s being healed. It allows us to share the perception of things from several different angles. Being a teacher of these things, it also allows me to test my students to make sure they know what they’re doing. And the ones I let work on me—Do.

I don’t really expect people to necessarily understand what we do, but I don’t really expect people to be able to absorb dark energies, chew them up, and spit them out the way we do either. The basics of what we do is nothing more than unblocking a person’s energy flow and speeding up their vibrational rate into faster vibrational levels. The deep end of what we do is nothing short of exorcism. It simply depends on the person. This has absolutely nothing to do with what we want to do or see. This has everything to do with whatever the person needs. We simply adapt to the situation at hand and take care of business.

The strangeness of this life cannot be measured. You wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve seen on this strange journey. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that we’ve seen fly out of people. Most of it isn’t pretty. But what are these things? They are nothing more than the holographic manifestations of a person’s own darkness from within their very own subconscious human minds—as well as the darknesses that they have absorbed from others. There is no difference between a person’s etheric energy and their consciousness. It is one and the very same thing. The subconscious human mind works with images and symbols. There is no difference between the images and symbols within a person’s subconscious human mind and the etheric manifestations within their energy field. People are bombarded by manifestations of their own emotional imbalances, rigid intellectual opinions, and subconscious programming.

I’m an advocate of deep muscle massage work, such as Rolfing, because it brings the physical body back into a proper symmetry. While it may seem that it is a very physical technique, and it is, the reality is that the body and a person’s energy field are reflections of each other. Any shift in the quality of your physical body, reflects as a shift in the quality of your energy field. Any shift in the quality of your energy field, reflects as shifts in the quality of your physical body. Emotional and mental pain builds and stores in the physical form. Deep muscle work knocks things loose, bringing things to the surface, to where you can then look at things, understand things, and let things go. Healing is a release of blocks and binds, in exchange for a faster, more vital, and vibrant energy. Blocks and binds=emotion and mind.

People ask me what I see, when I’m working with energy. Here you go. When I’m doing healing work, I essentially go into a very deep trance state—with my eyes wide open. It’s partially the ability to shift perception into different dimensional frequencies, as well as stepping into those dimensions at the same time. Basically, 3d drops away, to where I’m perceiving and working with a person’s etheric body, which is a complex system of fractal geometries and etheric tubes. I peer into whatever dimension needed at any given moment, so it’s kind of like shifting gears between dimensions. On a 3-dimensional level, the body looks like a body, with a subtle vibrational glow to it. On a 9-dimensional level, the 3d body and the 27-dimensional body can be seen at the same time, like it’s half 3d, half 27d. At 27d, the human body is completely gone, to where it’s just a system of etheric tubes. There’s nothing human about it.

Holographic Bodies


3-Dimensional Body 9-Dimensional Body 27-Dimensional Body

I’ve used blue for the diagrams above, but the reality is that a person’s etheric body can be any color or any combination of colors—and can reveal any number of holographic blocks and binds. You also have to understand that the etheric body isn’t some 2-dimensional drawing like above. It’s a system of flowing, rotating, and spiraling etheric tubes and energies. The diagram shows the two extremes, the basic 3d and complex 27d forms. Anywhere between 3d and 27d, the human body can take on any number of other forms, as well as contain a wide variety of etheric artifacts, images, symbols, and entities.

If you could zoom in on the etheric tubes, you’d find that they contain geometrical energies traveling within them—holographic fractal codes—which are basically a holographic replication of the overall larger 27-dimensional body—the logo. Any single component within the system contains the informational code of the whole. I prefer to work at the holographic fractal code levels—reading, fixing, and rewriting fractal codes—bringing them into a symmetrical balance, because it’s better than dealing with etheric nasties.

Holographic Tube


Close Up of an Etheric Tube

The holographic codes moving through the etheric tubes have a tone and a rhythm of their own. Each person’s is slightly different, unique to the individual. Tick, tick, tick. Beep, beep, beep, Pudda, pudda, pudda. The tone and rhythm are essentially the vibrational frequency of the person. The faster and more symmetrical the codes, the healthier a person is. The slower and more asymmetrical the codes, the less healthy a person is. Health and vitality really come down to nothing more than the vibrational speed, symmetry, and vibrancy of a person’s energy. It’s all about a developing a Lightness of Being.

Developing a Lightness of Being comes down to neutralizing the ego, disciplining emotion and mind, and transforming the inner negativity within the subconscious mind’s programming. Any dark or negative attitude degrades the quality of a person’s energy—eventually degrading the quality of their physical body. Negativity and rigid intellectual opinions take their toll on the human body and soul.

You don’t have to perceive energy to have a healthy energy. It doesn’t matter if you perceive energy or not. What matters is the way you feel. What matters is the quality of your attitudes, inner feelings, and ways. Your inner feelings are your energy—not your emotions—not your rigid intellectual opinions—your true inner feelings. True inner feelings are vibrational sensations. Vibrate faster. Vibrate lighter. You are holographic, and the very quality of your life is a reflection of the very quality of your own attitudes and inner feelings—the quality of your own consciousness. Wake up. It’s time to wake up. Wake up.

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