The Emotional Wave

Emotional Wave

Human emotion exists as a holographic field within the Sphere of Control that dominates the world we live in. It is an energy field that feeds and sustains itself on the emotional energy of humanity. It was created by emotion, and it creates more emotion to sustain the field. We see it as a vast sea of orange energy. We call it the emotional wave.

The emotional wave doesn’t want you to break free. It doesn’t want you to see beyond it’s confinements. To put it simply, it doesn’t want you to leave. It’s the emotion of family that don’t want you to leave home. It’s the emotion of friends that don’t want you to leave to have other friends. It’s your employer that doesn’t want you to leave for a better job. It’s your church that doesn’t want you to leave to another faith. It’s your community that doesn’t want you to leave to another town. It’s your country that doesn’t want you to leave to another culture. The emotional grip is everywhere. It holds people in place.

Of course, it’s fine to have those things, as long as they’re not to debilitating…

But to evolve spiritually and break free of the Matrix of Control, you have to step outside of the emotional wave. You have to be strong enough to walk and clear enough to know when to do it.

The system understands the emotional wave better than anyone. They use it as a mechanism of control. They sell fear on the nightly news. They sell endless drama on tv. There’s always another threat. There’s always another emergency. There’s always another problem. There’s always another way to stimulate emotional reaction. People build a tolerance to the bombardment of it, so things evolve into more intense levels. It’s to a point to where the world lives in a perpetual state of emotional imbalance. Take a good long look into their faces. They’re terrified of life.

Emotion is the drug of choice for the ego. People have become emotional junkies. They’re always looking for another fix. They find any little thing they can to stir up more emotion. They feed on it. The long term effects don’t bode to well for them, because emotion is nothing more than the destructive force of the ego. When it gets high enough, it comes crashing down. And most people won’t be able to pick themselves back up again. It does them in.

On an energy level, too much emotional energy transforms your etheric into a giant orange ball. It’s like a force field around your body. The field pushes things away from it. That is why emotional leaning drives things away. It’s the energy field it creates. And beyond the energy field, any thoughts you may have are projected out as smaller orange balls of energy. It’s all part of how the emotional wave is created on a holographic level.

The orange ball consumes as much energy as it can get. It pushes up against everything. That is why emotional people drain your energy. They’re feeding on you. That is why they give you headaches. Their energy field pushes on your head. That is why they make you feel nausea. Their energy jumps into your stomach. That is why, when you don’t cater to their emotional drama, their jaw drops and they get pissed off. You’ve pulled the needle from their arm.

Never buy into the emotion. Never sell yourself with emotion. It’s a stronger way to live.

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