The Matrix Codes

The Matrix

There has been a lot of interesting discussion over the past ten years between quantum physicists, philosophers, free thinkers, new age buffs and even just normal guys talking over coffee on what has become known as ‘The Matrix’—a hidden system of programming and control that dominates the world we live in. ‘The Matrix’ was coined after Larry and Andy Wachowski’s 1999 film of the same name. Not wanting to rehash the whole thing here, let me at least mention that I find the film to be the perfect analogy of our world in relation to other dimensions. It’s based in a future reality where humans live under a system of programming and control, while being used as an energy source for sentient machines. The Wachowski Brother’s did their homework, as the movie is full of hidden esoteric messages and symbology that they expanded into a complete epic trilogy.

Moving beyond the film, one doesn’t have to look too hard to see that the world we live in is much the same—full of endless systems of programming and control. Legal systems, government, military objectives, corporate structure, school systems, religion, endless bureaucracy, social groups, this policy and that regulation, on and on. We live in a left-brain dominated society that worships automated structure, routine and simulation. Nevermind the constant bombardment of advertising, news and endless forms of media that you can never seem to escape. The Matrix becomes obvious in the outer world around us.

What we discovered that is not so obvious, is that the Matrix also exists on an energy level as a complex holographic program of light and information. In the aluna spirit world, the Matrix can be seen quite clearly as a vast hexagonal grid. There is an endless amount of information running through it—codes upon codes of energy. The grid is designed to keep you from entering the celestial dimensions to gain any real information for yourself, as it is an energy field that feeds off of the etheric energy of humans. It doesn’t want you to escape.

To journey into the spirit worlds and attain any real information, a person must move past this Hexagonal Matrix. At first, it seems like a virtually impossible task, as the hexagons are blocked with fast moving lines of energy. The grid spreads out in all directions, and there are no defined ends to it, up, down or either side. It is the membrane of a sphere. The Sphere of Control to be specific. To get past it, you have to find a hole in the grid, and then have the courage to move through it. When I first went through, the hole I found appeared in the bottom left, very much the way I’ve drawn it for you in the diagram above.

To really get a grip on how to move past the grid, one has to develop an understanding of the Matrix Codes—what they are and what they do. For all practical purposes, a code is any combination or sequence of things that has meaning, usually a secret or hidden meaning. Beyond that, one must understand that the Matrix Codes not only have meaning, they have an intent. A purpose. Usually one that is dark. They are stimuli designed to stimulate specific behaviors, reactions and outcomes—calculated ones. They are everywhere in the outer world, and they form the energy field of the hexagonal grid in the inner world. Understanding them can set you free of the prison they impose.

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