The Ancient Gods

The Ancient Gods

The idea that there is only one omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent eternal force is accurate in my view, but that force is beyond vast in its endless, intricate complexity. It is everywhere, because it is an eternal flowing energy that binds all things together. An endless sea of vibrational energies. It is all-knowing, because these vibrations are a non-physical holographic information system of light. Each small component contains information, and all things being connected, that information is available to the larger whole. It is all powerful, because all of the natural and supernatural cosmic forces course through its veins.

Our human minds could never fathom that force in its entirety or the depths to which it extends. We’re too small. It is beyond the mind and defies definition. It is the source of both the physical and non-physical multiverses, but no one could ever prove it. Dimensions within dimensions, energies within energies, all composing an eternal and infinite unified field. We could travel the outer universe forever and it would forever escape our reach. We can only look within to find it, and as we do, our consciousness expands into multidimensional levels.

What we’ve come to find within those multidimensional worlds is an endless pantheon of complex sentient beings. At first, one may think it’s just archetypical forms within the human collective unconscious, and although that does exist as an energy field that one must cross, you eventually move beyond that grid into levels of pure information. Within the realms of pure information, the rigid construct of the human intellect shuts down, and you begin to perceive things through a broader, more intuitive perspective. In other words, you ditch the old programming to have a direct experience of that eternal force for yourself.

The deeper and deeper you move into the inner dimensional worlds, the further and further you remove yourself from the programming of this world. All preconceived notions fall away, in trade for the awareness of something that is way more vast, complex, intricate and real. You see how all things are connected together as one universal force, like trillions of leaves on one massive tree. A tree that spreads out across eternity, alive as a circuitous flowing motion of celestial light. You can also see how that force condenses itself, giving form to other dimensions and manifesting into other sentient beings within those dimensions.

The ancient cultures of the world were all polytheistic in one way or another. Celts, Chinese, Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks, Hindus, Japanese, Native Tribes, they all believed in a pantheon of celestial beings that were each attributed to specific cosmic purposes. Even Christians and the Abrahamic faiths believed in a hierarchy of spiritual beings, they just changed the names around a bit, calling it an angelic order—Seraphim, Cherubim, Archangels, also responsible for certain cosmic functions or celestial duties. I guarantee if a man with wings walks through your wall, the last thing you’ll be doing is checking his credentials or disputing the semantics of it all. A celestial presence is a celestial presence.

I’ve always been more of a Daoist or one of a Native American view, seeking to be at one with all things and seeing everything as one eternal energy. Whether you call it the Eternal Dao or the Great Spirit never really mattered to me, as I see them as one and the same thing. Journeying into the deep multidimensional worlds and studying the intricate, technical complexities of that eternal energy, one realizes that there is really nothing human about it. The celestial force is definitely not a male figure presiding over all things. The celestial force is all things. And it is composed of endless other forces and sentient forms of light and shape, masculine and feminine beings. To call them gods and goddesses doesn’t even do them justice, as they are beyond beautiful in their celestial radiance.

A radiance that would dissolve you into nothing in its presence. So, if you align to those energies with a deep humility and reverence, they show you aspects of themselves in ways that you can handle it. What I found so utterly fascinating about the spirit world dimensions is that all of the Ancient Gods are in there. All of them. They are universal forces that morph between various forms and appear in ways in which you can understand them. The gods we’ve come across the most often over the past two years are the various Hindu Gods, such as Vishnu, Narasimha, Shiva, Garuda, Kali and Hanuman, and the Celtic Gods, such as Cernunnos, the Tuatha Dé Danann and Sulis Minerva. They come to us at certain times to provide information, protection or assistance in the healing work we do.

You may look to the sky and see massive storm clouds and the flash of lightening and hear the roar of thunder, but from a certain point of view you can look to that same sky and see and hear a charging army of ten thousand horses. And that is the true beauty of the Ancient Gods. They are the inner celestial forms of all of the natural cosmic forces and energies.

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