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In the late 80’s and early 90’s, I went through a number of transformational experiences that I’ve never really mentioned to anyone. I had always seen things a bit different… but my perception had somehow flipped to where I could see an energy around people, plants and animals. That energy looked like a transluscent glow that outlined their physical bodies. At the same time, I was also having spontaneous out of body experiences, visions and encounters with non-physical beings, or what one might call spirit guides.

It reached a point to where I really didn’t know what to do with these perceptions or how to make sense of it all… and still be able to function in the world.

One day, a friend of mine shows up on my doorstep and hands me a copy of Stuart Wilde’s book The Quickening. I wasn’t really looking for anything to do with self-empowerment at the time, but I was looking to understand the strange experiences I was already having, and something about the cover was very intriguing. This book not only explained the etheric, or life force energy, that I was seeing… it also covered psychological techniques for consolidating that energy into something that you could use.

Since then, I have extensively studied all of Stuart Wilde’s books, audio courses, music and meditations, including training at Mr. Wilde’s Warriors in the Mist intensive, the Redeemer’s Club, metaphysical workshops and private teachings. We’ve become good friends. I’ve always recommended his work to anyone that has a desire to take to the journey, figure their stuff out and work to become stronger. His style is simple, quick and humorous, while delivering information that is very transformational.

The Hidden Codes
Here’s something you may find interesting that most people don’t know. There are hidden codes in all of Stuart Wilde’s teachings and music. The secrets to perceiving subtle energies and entering deep inner spirit worlds are all there, hidden in his works… but they’re definitely there. The interesting thing is that the codes had to be hidden. It’s part of keeping access to the celestial doorway safe.

Upon discussing these hidden codes that I’d come across, Stuart Wilde told me that he knew some of the codes were there, as he wrote them deliberately… but that he did not know all of the codes, as many are so far beyond what any of us know. Some of the codes were entered without consciously knowing that he had placed them there.

Take a look at his work and see what you find. Or better yet, take a look and see what you may feel…

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