Author: Khris Krepcik
Khris Krepcik is a world renowned etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in ancient wisdoms and mystic arts. Krepcik is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real. Read the full Khris Krepcik Bio >
Living Longer Lives

Are We Living Longer Lives?

With all the Coronavirus Nonsense and The Insanity of The Mass BioTechnology Injection Initiative — if you are one of The Last of the Un-Vaccinated Dissidents — you are going to come across all kinds of contradiction and opposition —

Khris Krepcik - The Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Khris Krepcik On The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio

As you know, I rarely do radio interviews, but we haven’t done a gig, hung out, or all spoken together in person in almost two years — so I met up with Ryan McCormick from The Outer Limits of Inner

The Rise of The Welfare State

Rise of The Welfare State

The COVID-19 Experiment and 2020/2021 Stay At Home Lockdowns have caused all sorts of interesting and strange new phenomena. One of the things that is sweeping across the United States is that Help Wanted Signs Are Everywhere — But Nobody

The Anatomy of Pandemic

The Anatomy of Pandemic $

There is so much hype, disinformation, misinformation, and nonsense surrounding the coronavirus pandemic that it makes it hard to know what to believe or who. You can’t trust the activists, alternative news, or conspiracy theories anymore than you can trust

The Anatomy of Pandemic

The Anatomy of Pandemic II

The Anatomy of Pandemic is about more than just an outbreak of an infectious disease. It’s about humanity’s emotional reaction to it. It’s about the underlying intentions of the sociological, socioeconomic, and sociopolitical objectives behind it and the psychology surrounding