The Lemonade Fast

Lemonade Fast

I fasted for 12 days at the end of October and the beginning of November, going 12 days straight with absolutely no coffee, no food, no nothing, just a lemon-water drink—six times a day. I’ve always called it, “the Lemon-Water Fast”, but it’s also known as “the Lemonade Tea” or “the Master Cleanser”. I used to do the 3-day lemon-water fast, every now and then. The first time I did the full-on, 10-day Master Cleanser version was back in the 90’s. I never went back to eating red meat after that, and then eventually ditched white meats as well. It’s a good way to become vegetarian, if you’ve been having trouble doing so.

Most people can’t do 10 to 12 days of fasting, and I’m not necessarily recommending that you should, because that would depend on the individual person and their specific nutritional needs. You have total and complete responsibility for yourself and your own actions, and you have to do whatever is best for you. The funny thing is that what is best for you and what the ego wants are two totally different things. So, you always have to determine between whether you’re following what is best for you, or whether you are just following the laziness of your ego. Fasting challenges the ego, and the ego doesn’t like it. If you have never fasted before, then it’s best to try 3 days to build and develop the inner power it takes.

First and foremost, the Lemonade Fast is a deep physical cleanse. It cleans the crud out of your physical system. It’s way better and safer than a colon cleanse. Shoving strange stuff up the exit-only areas of your body is not natural, nor healthy. This more natural cleanse can also help you to lose weight—but you have to understand that you have to change your eating habits and lifestyle afterward—otherwise you’ll just put the weight back on. The Master Cleanse is not meant to perpetuate your eating habits and lifestyle, it’s meant to help you change your perpetual eating habits and lifestyle. It’s funny when people fail their diets and then blame the diet as being a failure. Well, it’s not the diet that fails. It’s the person that fails, when they fall back into the weakness of the ego, old habits, and lifestyles.

The Master Cleanser has been around for years, and there’s tons of info out there about the benefits and effects it has on the physical body. There’s tons of skeptical info out there, as well. So, I’ll leave that to you and not cover it here, but would rather cover the benefits and effects that the cleansing fast has on the emotional, mental, and spiritual energy levels.

Emotional energy builds and stores in the belly and stomach. Nothing calms emotion down faster than doing something physical, to where you simply focus on something, rather than dwelling in the churning of emotion and mind. Calming emotion isn’t necessarily processing emotion. In regards to the Lemonade Fast, it cleans everything out physically, along with whatever dark emotional energies have been storing up. Emotions may surface, because they have to, in order to be released. The amount of emotion you go through during the fast is directly related to how much unprocessed emotion you have. Don’t blame it on the fast, blame it on your unprocessed past. Look at things, process things, and let things go. Emotional energy can jump into your belly from others, so the cleanse also clears away stuff that you’ve absorbed from others that isn’t even yours. Constant purification is vital, especially if you’re in any healing-related field. But everyone absorbs the energies of others, so constant purification is vital for everyone.

When someone has too much unprocessed emotional energy, the first thing I tell them to do, is to get more exercise and to lose some weight, because people don’t necessarily understand how to process and transform their emotional energy. But your body and your energy are reflections of each other. Transform your body, and you transform your energy. Transform your energy, and you transform your body. Fasting is just another physical discipline that assists in the transformation of clearing emotion and mind.

The fastest way to make progress in developing inner power and perception is to silence the ego and the chattering inner dialogue of the mind. When you fast, it forces the ego and your chattering mind into a silence and stillness—serenity. The ego usually complains the first couple of days, but if you’re dedicated and don’t give in to the weakness of the ego, the ego realizes that you are serious and eventually shuts up. The ego goes quiet. The mind becomes calm and still. You become present in the eternal moment.

The real benefits of the Lemonade Fast are that, after you’ve silenced the ego, emotion, and mind, you begin to experience more energy. One would think that going 10 to 12 days without food would be a bit draining, but the digestion process actually slows your energy down, naturally. The heaviness of emotion and mind slows down your energy. As you clear things out of your digestive system, calm emotion, and silence the mind—your energy speeds up. Most people are in a constant state of digestion—once you’re not, it gives you an idea of what it actually feels like to vibrate faster, lighter, and brighter. Once you’ve experienced that lightness of being, you become more sensitive to anything that slows you down, and it is through that sensitivity that empowers you to eat things that are more healthy and natural, as well as eating in the proper amounts. More than anything, it’s about enhancing the quality of your energy.

The most fascinating thing about the Lemonade Fast, is that after 2 or 3 days—any etheric hits you’ve taken and have been suffering—fade away. If you’re not familiar with what etheric hits are, it’s basically the ability to sense the dark projections of people’s disdain and their pain. Such things actually hit you on an energy level, and they can actually be felt physically. Etheric hits cause knots in your muscles or a nausea in your stomach. The fast doesn’t stop such things from hitting, but it does speed up your energy to where you vibrate faster, and the etheric hits and artifacts burn away. Inner power has very little to do with the mind, and everything to do with being able to vibrate faster than anything projected at you.

The Lemonade drink is a mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice, spring water, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. The fast involves going 10 days of drinking at least six, 10-ounce glasses of the lemonade, per day, along with a lax tea or mint tea in the evening, and absolutely no food. Then two days of drinking orange juice, with vegetable soup in the evening on the 11th and 12th days. You have to ween yourself back onto solid food, after not eating and living on nothing but liquids for so long. For the proper recipe and instructions, search the web for “Master Cleanse”.

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