The Hooded Sages

The Hooded Sages

The Hooded Sages are an Enigma — Ancient Mysteries and Inner Wisdoms. They were not just men of profound wisdom. They were the Energy of the Wisdom itself. They were Mystics. They were Transcendent — Multidimensional Beings who had stepped beyond the collective emotion and mind of the earth plane and into the depths of spirit. The Sages understood the non-solid nature of reality and gracefully traversed both the inner world and outer world dimensions. No one could tell if they were really even human. The Hooded Sages are Mystical Energies.

These Mystical Energies were known as The Thirty-Three Energies of Man. The Thirty-Three Energies of Man was an Ancient Wisdom from Old China in the time of Lao Tzu around 500 B.C. The teaching originated from an order of Daoist Monks, known as The Sages of the Plum Red Robes. The Sages were advisors, healers, teachers, visionaries, and warrior sages. They lived a solitary life of traveling throughout the lands and villages of Old China. Their teaching wasn’t written. The Daoist Sages taught about the Eternal Way of Energy and the Spirituality of Nature through direct life experiences — mystical experiences. The Sages of the Plum Red Robes had the ability to shift human consciousness, simply by walking through a village. It was the silent power of their vibrational resonance — their vital etheric life force — their energy.

My understanding of the Hooded Sages doesn’t come from writings. My understanding of the Hooded Sages comes from direct experiences with them. Part of it is like an ancient memory. Part of it is from the direct experiences of their presence throughout my life — both eyes wide open in the physical plane, as well as direct experiences in the inner world dimensions. I’ve always called these spirit guides, “The Purple Hooded Sages”, because they appear with deep purple hooded cloaks and a purple speckled ambience of light. They’ve shown many things.

The thing to understand about all of this is that the Hooded Sages are Ancient Mysteries and Inner Wisdoms that one can align to with their inner feelings. You have to understand that your higher self is like a cloak of energy that you can wrap yourself within. The Hooded Sages are Mystical Energies that one can align to. The energy offers humanity the ability to transcend the collective emotion and mind of the world and enter into a state of spiritual transcendence. The journey takes one into the discovery of their own higher evolutionary path and purpose.

This site honors the Ancient Mystery, Inner Wisdom, and Mystical Energy of the Hooded Sage.

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