“I have had a healing with Khris and his helpers in February 2010, it was an amazing experience. I felt them come in, then saw blue and gold lights and beings moving around the bed, I had been very sick , had a bleeding ulcer and an auto immune disease, and plus had a cold, (also had lost my husband, sister, and three other friends and family since July 09 and didn’t realize I was carrying so much grief.)”

“After the healing, my cold was gone an I had NO stomach pain, and felt lighter and energized. I was finally able to meditate again. I seen my doctor two weeks ago and he had redone all the xrays on the liver and stomach area, he called me in and showed me the difference, (other xrays taken last year, the liver was normal and hepatic valve was normal, ulcer was almost gone, he said this hardly looks like the same person, he kept asking me what I had done, he said it is truly amazing and whatever I was doing, to keep doing it, ’cause it was working. I haven’t felt this good in over 5 years. Thanks again to all of you who assisted!”

— Agnes Mikkelsen

“Khris and Jeff performed a remote healing on my behalf several months ago. Ever since, things have been untangling…bit by bit. At first, it was difficult to face up to the findings as my ego didn’t like it one bit. But that’s not surprising considering that the remote healing struck to the core…like a laser beam…of all my deepest, darkest dysfunctions. I don’t know if I ever would have faced up to some of the issues identified by Jeff and Khris without their help. My issues were just too dark and too hidden and I had very little conscious awareness of it all.”

“Nonetheless, I feel lighter and brighter since the healing. What’s more, my physical body feels stronger, vibrant and more mobile. The healing was a great gift. It’s given me a chance. My gratitude for the selfless efforts of Jeff and Khris is beyond words.”

— Paul Fendler

“Khris and Jeff did some healing work for me in Ecuador. It’s all energy work with these guys – advanced level stuff. I think the biggest benefit is that you may see and learn about unknown aspects within you that need to be addressed. It’s all part of the journey. Onward.”

— Russell Webb

“I had a job with a joyful company. It was wonderful. Shortly after I started, the company was bought out and underwent many changes. The office staff resisted and the company became a place of anger, fear, competition, and control. I allowed myself to buy into all of it and faith in myself went out the window. I had no courage to leave, which was completely unlike me. Two weeks after my remote healing, without a thought, I gave my notice.”

“The work that Khris and Jeff did seemed to vacuum out my fears, or the entities that were creating the fears. A new job presented itself immediately and suddenly, one part of my life is now at peace. There are so many other subtle changes, but this one was huge. I am eternally grateful.”

— Anna Cairns
Ontario, Canada

“I signed up for a remote healing in October 2009 little knowing what it would entail. I just followed a feeling that this was the right thing for me to do and it was. It was the most transformative healing I have ever had. During the healing I experienced lots of fizzing and buzzing in my body and had many visions of what I have been told are sacred animals who help clear the energy system of the person of their negativity. In the following days I released some extremely old patterns of self hatred and my heart expanded. Since then I have felt very clear in the direction of my life and feel able to put into practice many things that I felt unable to do so before. Daily I thank the selflessness of Khris Krepcik and all those who are with him for the work that they do.”

— Kavya Thomas-Lane
New Zealand

“Thank you Khris, Jeff and other members who help me in my recent remote healing and healing vortex experience in Ecuador last year. I do not feel anything physically or have any visions during the healing and even thought nothing was happening. However the feedback and report I receive are information that I can relate to and accurate. Information that I feel deep inside I do know the problems but had kept them in denial.

I feel my perspectives in life change bit by bit after the healing, like reality unfolds slowly. I feel lighter with directions to work on from the feedback received for the healing. I’m very grateful for the opportunities to receive the healing. Thank you.”

— Wendy Poh

“Powerful combination … Course… and… Healing… Was like an atomic bomb for me yet gentle and precise. Felt their energies come in and felt it leave and as they worked layer by layer I was shown the way to improve Self. Couldn’t always keep up with them… they were too fast for me… but there was so much love and “lightness of being”… that i just relaxed and trusted.

Since then I feel a connection to everything… new energies are opening up… I see and feel a lot more as i allow myself to follow the instructions given during the healing and trusting to follow my inner feelings… and to remember.. most of all.. what was said for me to remember.. sort of like a key code…”you are nothing…always remember that.” It goes without saying…but absolutely should be expressed my profound gratitude for this healing… Thank you.. on all levels.”

— Paulette Harvey
Scarborough, Canada

“These guys went in and cleaned out a pack of nasty stuff… stuff that I would have never admitted to, let alone face myself. I am eternally grateful. Their selfless loving compassion holds a great power to heal. Through follow-up correspondence, Khris provided me with precise guidance in what I have to do in order to realize longer term benefits…well, more like a good solid belt of reality… precisely as it is.”

— Bill Orr
Calgary, AB, Canada

“As a child I saw Angels, Jesus, the “Blue Lady” and would often what I called ‘tube traveled’. I would go into different dimensions and get information. As I got older I would see The “Blue Lady’ occasionally but the tube traveling’ stopped. I closed down my heart. After the remote healing.. my heart started opening and the ‘tube traveling’ started again. So did the visions and I am seeing dimensions I never knew existed. I am having many amazing experiences because of the healings, The Course, aya in Eucador and Colorodo gig helped bring up my shadow that was blocking me from truely living and feeling. As I continue to work with my shadow I also am intergrating other multidimensional aspects of myself.. that Khris and Jeff helped re-connect me to… it has been an amazing 10 months. I feel my heart is opening and that is healing many things.. including old back injury, thyroid to name a few. I am so thankful and respect your 7/24/365 selfless service you both offer.”

— Kerrie O’Connor
Connecticut, USA

I have recevied two healing session from Khris and Jeff, once in Amsterdam and the other one in Wales. Both were absolute amazing experience. They were able to identify with pinpoint accuracy areas where I have some physical problems, which I have not mentioned to anyone before. I can physically feel a lot of difference from each healing. And I also see how my face has changes slightly more balance after the healing. I am humbled and deeply grateful for both experiences. Thank you.

— Soh Seok Hoon