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The human energy field is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and geometrical fractal codes — a system of light and geometrical shapes — energy signatures of information and memory. The human body is a circuit of energy. The quality of your energy comes down to the symmetry of your codes, the vibrancy of your light, and the speed of your vibrational rate.

The corporeal is born of the incorporeal. The tangible is born of the intangible. Your body is the physical manifestation of your subtle etheric life force — your light and fractal codes. The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your etheric life force. Any given shift in the quality of your etheric energy field reflects as shifts in your body, consciousness, and feelings.

Khris Krepcik is one of the only people in the world that can perceive the etheric life force at the multidimensional fractal code level that actually has the ability to read, repair, and rewrite the codes. Very few can perceive this level of reality. Even fewer can actually work with it.

Krepcik’s etheric healing techniques are a process of clearing away etheric blocks and binds, dark resonances, repairing asymmetrical fractal codes, and rewriting the codes — bringing a person’s etheric life force back into a vibrancy and faster vibrational speed. Once etheric blocks, binds, and broken codes are out of the way — the quality of a person’s own light and vibrational speed is what heals them. The vibrancy of your own etheric life force is a power.

Please Note: Khris Krepcik does not charge or schedule healing sessions. They are provided exclusively at certain metaphysical workshops, remotely to those who align to the energy of his teachings, or intuitively and spontaneously as guided. There is a mystical energy at work.

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