A Meditation of Daoist Sages

Zhangzi at the Waterfall

The Thirty-Three Energies of Man was an Ancient Wisdom from Old China in the time of Lao Tzu from around 500 B.C. These ancient teachings originated from an order of thirty-three Daoist Monks, known as The Sages of the Plum Red Robes.

The Daoist Sages lived solitary lives traveling throughout the lands of Old China, serving as advisors, healers, teachers, visionaries, and warrior-sages. They taught people about The Eternal Way of Energy and The Spirituality of Naturethrough direct life experiences — often teaching people through mystical experiences. They had the ability to shift human consciousness, simply by walking through a village.

The Sages of the Plum Red Robes were a mystery. No one could tell if they were really even human — because they weren’t just men of profound wisdom. The Daoist Sages had transcended human emotion and mind and the solidity of the physical earth plane and traversed the multidimensional nature of reality. They were The Mystical Energies.

Every several years or so, all thirty-three sages would return to their monastery, gathering for the winter solstice — their most sacred time of year — where on the longest night of the year, they would release the energy of the old sun, to herald forth the birth of the new sun — bringing a new celestial energy and light into the earth plane.

As you may know, The Thirty-Three Sages of the Plum Red Robes held a three-day plum wine fast and tapping ceremony during the solstice, where for seventy-two hours, they would eat no food, but every four hours, they would each drink a small glass of plum wine and a small pitcher of water. They would sit in a circle around a large wooden table and all tap in unison with bone-carved knockers similar to the pawns from a modern chess set, creating a special, trance-like rhythm accompanied by a sacred hum.

We reintroduced this ancient ceremony in Tuscany, back in 2008.

For twelve years, we performed The Daoist Tapping Ceremony at various locations around the world, gathering each year to experience the ceremony together as a group of thirty-three to fifty people — until the travel restrictions of 2020 — so, we took a break.

This year in 2023, The Daoist Tapping Ceremony begins at midnight, December 20th and runs until midnight on December 23rd, for those who are interested in performing it at home. The plum wine fast and tapping bring you into a trance state — of which people often experience healing and visions — but you don’t necessarily have to fast or tap for three days to align to the energy. You can use the following meditation exercise.

Instructions: Read over the following meditation exercise several times a day, so that you have a good idea, feeling, and memory of what the meditation procedure involves. You want to feel and visualize yourself having the experience — as if you were there.

On the evening of your meditation, take a warm shower about a half an hour before the meditation begins. You want to wash away any residual energies or thoughts from the day and bring yourself into a more sacred space. Dress in warm, comfortable clothing.

Prepare your meditation area however you normally would, using candles and incense, as desired, but prepare a spot where you can lay down with your head to the north and your feet to the south. Turn off any artificial lighting and only use a candle or two to dimly light your sacred space. Playing a theta or delta metronome is also recommended. You should allow yourself an entire hour of solitude.

Begin the meditation at midnight each night from December 20th thru 23rd.

The Meditation of Daoist Sages

Lay down with your head to the north and your feet to the south.

Close your eyes, and take a slow deep breath. Hold it for a moment, and exhale.

Take another slow deep breath, hold it for a moment, and exhale.

Allow yourself to relax and surrender deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper.

As you begin to relax, visualize yourself walking down a mountain path through the trees.

Every now and then, look down and notice your feet beneath you, walking step after step.

Feel yourself as being there.

Simply allow yourself to walk for awhile. Nice and Calm. Relaxed.

As you continue walking, remember everything that you’ve released and sacrificed in life to be where you are on your spiritual journey. Remember the challenges that you’ve faced in life. Remember the family and friends that have come and gone — as well as those that still remain. Remember the pain, programming, and restriction of the outside world that you have stepped beyond and transcended.

And remember those who may have sacrificed something of themselves for you.

Remember these things — never with a heavy heart — but with a lightness of being.

Think of the qualities that you have developed along the way — the emotional discipline, inner power, and perception that it took — the dedication and determination — the sweat, blood, and tears. Think of the mystical virtues that you have cultivated — the kindness, generosity, and reverence for all living things — the understandings that you have gained.

But do not dwell on these things. Release them. Release the past.

Feel yourself reaching an acceptance, forgiveness, and appreciation for everything.

Don’t dwell on it. Let it go.

Bring yourself back to walking down the mountain path through the trees.

Bring yourself back into the Eternal Now — walking deeper and deeper within.

As you continue, notice that you’ve entered a mountain valley with a flowing river.

Listen to the sound of the water flowing over the river stones, taking you deeper.

Allow yourself to walk for awhile, moving deeper and deeper into the valley.

Go slowly. Don’t force it.

Notice the faint sound of a waterfall in the distance up ahead.

Follow the sound and let it guide you toward it.

Feel the hum and vibration fill the space around you, resonating throughout the valley.

Continue walking down the mountain path, going deeper and deeper.

Look down at your feet and notice that you’ve come to a set of ancient stone stairs on your left that are carved into and leading up the side of the mountain rock face.

Step onto the first step and begin climbing, counting the steps as you go.

One, two, three, four, five… take your time, going slowly… six, seven, eight, nine, ten… continue counting each step as you climb, looking down and noticing your feet beneath you… eleven, twelve, thirteen… until you reach step thirty-three.

As you step onto the thirty-third step, notice that it has brought you to a stone landing.

Dimly lit by the light of a crescent moon in the sky, notice that at a distance across the stone landing, there is an ancient doorway carved into the side of the mountain rock face.

As you begin walking across the landing towards the doorway, notice that an old man with a long white beard, wearing a black hooded robe, and holding a long wooden staff in his right hand — is standing next to the doorway on the right, as if he’d been guarding this ancient doorway into the side of the mountain, since the beginning of time.

As you approach the doorway, bow to the old man, but notice that he doesn’t move.

Intuitively sense that you are allowed through the doorway — step forward — and enter.

Notice that you’ve stepped into a long tunnel that is dimly lit by deep blue glass lanterns hanging in alignment along the stone wall, that are glowing from the candlelight burning within them — causing a deep purple and blue hue leading deeper into the mountain.

As you enter the tunnel, notice a faint tapping sound emanating from deep within the mountain, accompanied by a mysterious hum — causing a trance-like feeling and rhythm.

Follow the tunnel towards the sound, moving deeper and deeper into the mountain.

As you move further and further down the tunnel — feel the vibrational resonance of the mysterious hum and tapping becoming stronger — filling the space around you.

Immerse yourself into the energy and feeling of it.

Follow the tunnel further and further, until you notice that you’ve stepped into a large, empty room carved of stone. Feel the vastness of its empty space. But do not linger.

Notice the purple and blue speckled ambience glowing from the tunnel on the other side of the room — slowly cross the room, enter the tunnel, and continue following the light deeper into the mountain. Follow the hum and tapping.

As you move a little further down the tunnel, notice that you’ve stepped into another large room carved of stone — but notice that you’ve stepped into a massive library of ancient books and scrolls — dimly lit by a massive fireplace burning at one end of the room.

Understand that these are The Ancient Wisdoms from the beginning of time.

Feel the warmth of the fire enter your heart and warm your body, mind, and spirit.

But do not linger.

Notice the purple and blue speckled ambience glowing from an archway across the room, accompanied by the mysterious hum and tapping — calling you deeper into the mountain.

Enter the passage and follow the light and sound, moving deeper and deeper into the mountain. Feel the vibrational resonance of the mysterious hum and tapping becoming stronger. And as you move a little further down the tunnel, notice that you’ve stepped into another large room carved of stone.

Notice at the center of this room, that there is a large round wooden table surrounded by Thirty-Three Hooded Sageswho are all seated and tapping together in unison — creating a trance-like rhythm — accompanied by a mystical chanting and humming sound. And rising from the center of the table, notice a powerful beam of purple light casting a purple and bluish hue to everything in the room.

Notice an empty wooden chair to your left. Sit in the chair, close your eyes, and relax.

Immerse yourself into the energy and vibration of the room. Take a slow deep breath, and as you exhale, feel your heart chakra expanding out and stretching into the beam of purple light. As you inhale, pull the energy of the beam back into your heart center. Do this several times, nice and slowly. Don’t force it. Breathe gentle, nice and slow.

When it feels right, open your eyes and notice that you are now hovering above the table and are hovering inside of the purple beam of light at the center of The Hooded Sages. Feel the energy and the light purifying your body, mind, and spirit. Simply allow yourself to hover within the beam of light for as long as you care to.

When it feels right, open your eyes and find yourself back in your own room.

I know that may sound like a lot to take in and remember, but it’s actually easier to do and visualize, than it is to try to explain. All you have to do is study this a few times a day, and it should give you a rough idea of the process and how it works. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Once you understand the basic synopsis, it’s actually very simple.

Make note of any messages or visions that you may have, as you may need them later.

And we hope to see you soon.

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