Polar Bear Tricks

Polar Bear Tricks

There’s nothing particularly wrong with conservation and environmentalism — until the moment that it becomes polluted with lies, disinformation, and misinformation. There are a lot of things out there that are being misconstrued and perverted into the propaganda of activism

Man of the Hole

Last of His Tribe

Nobody knew his name. Nobody knew the name of his family or people. Nobody even knew how to speak his language. Living alone in the the Tanaru Indigenous Territory in Rondônia, Brazil for the past sixty years, he was known only

The Reefer Revolution

The Reefer Revolution

One of the strangest phenomena that I have ever seen is sweeping the United States — and that is the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana — The Reefer Revolution. Although cannabis is federally illegal — seventeen states have legalized it

Living Longer Lives

Are We Living Longer Lives?

With all the Coronavirus Nonsense and The Insanity of The Mass BioTechnology Injection Initiative — if you are one of The Last of the Un-Vaccinated Dissidents — you are going to come across all kinds of contradiction and opposition —

Khris Krepcik - The Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Khris Krepcik On The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio

As you know, I rarely do radio interviews, but we haven’t done a gig, hung out, or all spoken together in person in almost two years — so I met up with Ryan McCormick from The Outer Limits of Inner