The Fractal Cube

Fractal Cube

Consciousness is not limited to the confinements of your chubby little head. Consciousness is inside of you and all around you. Consciousness is considered to be invisible, but what if you could actually see it? Consciousness is considered to be of the mind, but consciousness transcends the limited human mind.

The classic definition of consciousness is to be awake and aware of one’s surroundings, and that is often only considered to be that which is physical. But people can rarely see beyond the tip of their own nose. My dad called it, “miscopic”. That’s not even a real word, but I understood my dad’s clever puns, and he always taught us to notice everything beyond our own noses. Anyway… you are surrounded by far more than just the physical things of this world. This physical world is just one small part of reality.

The classic definition of consciousness is to experience the awareness and perception of something. But the average person on the street has little to no real awareness or perception of anything beyond this physical world or their own ego. So, it makes one wonder if people are really even conscious of anything beyond themselves. Eventually, one can only deduce that they are not. The only valid conclusion can be that there are varying levels of consciousness, varying levels of awareness and perception, varying levels of being awake, beyond the classic definitions of what consciousness even is.

It seems to me that we’ve had enough of classic definitions. Let’s evolve. Consciousness has very little to do with the intellectual human mind. Consciousness is the ability to sense and to feel, beyond the mind. Your Consciousness is your Spirit—your Etheric Energy—your Life Force. Your Consciousness exists as a holographic cube of information that surrounds you. We call it the Logo Box or the Fractal Cube. You are basically a digital memory storage device—a data packet of information. Everything that you have ever experienced in this lifetime—your memories—your thoughts—your programming—even things from your past lives—as well as aspects of your future in this life—are all stored within your Fractal Cube, as well as affect the quality of your Fractal Cube—the quality of your Consciousness.

The Fractal Cube is an etheric structure that looks like a transparent cube, like a cube of window panes surrounding a person’s physical body. In the same way that you can both see and not see a window pane of glass at the same time, that is the same way the Fractal Cube appears. Within the cube, images and symbols—logos—of anything you may be connected to or thinking about, hover in space around you.

Fractal Cube


A Fractal Cube of Lightness

I teach people how to consolidate their Fractal Cube, because your Fractal Cube is essentially your Sacred Space. Consciousness and Inner Power are one and the very same thing—because Consciousness is your Etheric Energy—not your mind. The only real question is the quality of your Consciousness—your Energy.

Nothing affects the quality of your Consciousness more than Emotion and Mind—Reaction and Opinion—the negative inner sentiments and the rigid intellectual opinions of your own inner programming. Beliefs. Rigidity. Shadow traits. Such things transform the Fractal Cube into a Veil of Darkness. This is the number one reason a person cannot perceive energy or spirit worlds. People are bombarded by manifestations of their own dark emotion and mind, as well as that projected onto them by others and the system itself.

Fractal Cube Darkness


A Fractal Cube of Darkness

Developing the quality of your Consciousness, Awareness and Perception, Etheric Protection, Inner Power, and Visionary ability is really nothing more than a matter of ditching your negative inner sentiments and rigid intellectual opinions in exchange for a Philosophy of Mystical Virtues. The Quality of Your Energy is a Reflection of the Quality of Your Attitudes, Inner Feelings, and Ways. The Quality of Your Consciousness determines everything. The Quality of Your Consciousness means everything. It creates this world.

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